Football Discussions with Raleigh Hokie, Part One

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Chris Coleman and Raleigh Hokie sat down over the weekend and discussed the Orange Bowl, as well as other parts of the Tech football program. Today’s discussion focuses mostly on the Orange Bowl, and how Stanford was able to take control of the game in the second half.

Chris Coleman: It seemed like Stanford’s gameplan was to attack the middle of the field and exploit the safeties and linebackers. Did you see the same thing?

Raleigh Hokie: Really Stanford’s gameplan was to formation Tech into a lot of checks. They knew Tech would do that. One thing Foster might have to look at is simplifying some of that down. He’s got his free safey checking every move the offense makes. Every motion. They were moving all over the place. On some of the big plays, some defenders got their checks correctly, and some didn’t.

So yeah, they went after the safeties. And why wouldn’t you? You don’t want to pick on Hosley, and Carmichael is probably better than Hosley from a technique standpoint. Morgan and Whitley? Whitley had been hurt for awhile and shown some vulnerabilities. He’s healthy now, but they got him on playaction two or three times.

It was a good plan. They knew Tech would tried to get an eighth man in the box when they sent a man in motion to take on the pulling guard. They playactioned off that two or three times and got a touchdown on one of them.

CC: It seemed like Stanford didn’t start getting big plays off playaction until after they had broken a few big running plays. What did you think about the performance of Jack Tyler and Bruce Taylor at linebacker?

RH: Tyler still isn’t quite big enough to take on the size that Stanford had inside. He was charging everything. They didn’t get him on any big plays in the passing game. There were times when Bruce Taylor showed that he hadn’t played the backer position before. I don’t know whether he missed a couple of calls, or if he just decided that he was playing mike again, but he and Tyler ended up in the same gap on a couple of plays.

I thought they did ok though. The one long run that Stanford had, right after Tyrod Taylor threw the interception, on that particular play I couldn’t tell whether Bruce Taylor missed the call or just took the wrong gap.