JMU Game Analysis: Offense, Defense Break Down in Shocking Loss

Not much to analyze in this game — it was simply a wet, sloppy mess of a
performance. The inevitable Boise State letdown, the emotional hangover from
losing that game, the short turnaround, the weather and the high-low going from
#5 in the nation to 1-AA opponent all played a part to varying degrees. How
much? Maybe a lot or maybe very little at all, but the bottom line for me is
that the Tech team we saw on Saturday was not the same team we saw in the
spring. It was not the same team we saw in fall camp. Not even close. Too many
turnovers, too many mental mistakes, too many missed tackles, and too many
missed blocks.

A performance that bad can point to a lot of different things: lack of
preparation, questionable personnel decisions, lack of respect for the opponent
or everyone’s favorite — lack of execution on game day. Write it off as a bad
day at the office or use it as a major teaching opportunity? The answer to that
question is simply “yes”.

Tendency to Overreact