Players Who Must Stay Healthy

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Talent, execution, chemistry, luck and injuries are all the deciding factors
in having a successful season. Teams never completely control their own destiny,
because of the luck and injury factors. If injuries happen at key positions, a
great season can turn into an average one overnight.

The Virginia Tech program is not immune to such things. Back in 2002, the
Tech defense was playing excellent football to start the season in wins against
LSU, Marshall and Texas A&M. However, injuries at defensive tackle and
backer meant that by the month of November, the Hokies were starting three
freshmen in their front seven. Teams started to run the ball on Tech, and the
defense fell apart down the stretch.

In 2007, we saw one key offensive line injury (Ed Wang) completely wreck the
performance of the line for the first half of the season. Once Wang came back,
the line was a lot better.

The Hokies have a great opportunity to win the ACC this year, but if injuries
creep up at certain positions, those chances will go down the drain.

The Starting Defensive Ends

Virginia Tech’s defensive end depth chart looks like this right now.

Defensive Ends
Pos. 1st 2nd 3rd


Steven Friday (r-Sr.)

J.R. Collins (r-Fr.)

Zack McCray (Fr.)


Chris Drager (r-Jr.)

James Gayle (r-Fr.)