2009 ECU Game Analysis: Hokies Grind Out Road Win

didn’t make it down to Greenville this time, but I’m told that the environment
was “interesting” and the home team was jacked. Maybe they were a bit
too jacked. ECU put a lot into this game, and they were hoping to elevate the
status of their program in front of a national ESPN audience. But it didn’t work
out that way. While the Hokies went about their business in a grind-it-out
fashion, the home team Pirates made too many mistakes at critical times and were
never able to get into a good rhythm. In the end, it wasn’t a very exciting game
and before it was over many fans were looking for somewhere else to be, but
after two disappointing losses, the Hokies will gladly take the win and move on
to Maryland.

There isn’t a lot of interesting analysis to pull from this one, but there
are a few key points that are worth reviewing. And there were a few individual
performances worthy of notice.

Let’s get to it, starting with the offense.