2009 Monday Thoughts: North Carolina

(Editor’s Note: We have no photos from this game. Please don’t email us
and complain. Consistently having photos requires us to have a field level photo
pass, and VT won’t give us one of those. Frankly, we’re glad we don’t have a
photographic record of those nasty orange jerseys.)

don’t need me to tell you how far the Hokies have fallen in just two weeks. When
the sun rose the morning of October 11th, the day after the Boston College game,
the Hokies were ranked #4 and all things seemed possible. Two games later, we
have a completely different view of this team, which has fallen out of the
national championship race, out of the ACC championship race, and almost out of
the rankings.

If you’re like me, this team has got you completely schizophrenic. One week
I’m very high on them, the next week I’m down. One week, the defense looks like
world beaters, the next week they’re getting steamrolled for 86 yards in 12
plays, or 78 yards in 16 plays. One week the offense looks pathetic, the next
week they’re rolling up big plays behind the #4 QB in the country and the #6
running back in the country.

One week they’re national championship contenders, and the next week, they’re
not even contenders for their own conference championship.