Friday Q&A: May 15, 2009

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This week, Raleigh Hokie and Chris Coleman take part in the Friday Q&A.
Raleigh Hokie tackles football questions about injuries and Tech’s strength of
schedule, while Coleman talks about the recent developments in the basketball
program and what it could mean for the lineup this season.

If you have a question for our Friday Q&A, email it to Chris Coleman at [email protected]

1. Injuries are a part of the game, but the Hokies lack depth at
defensive end, free safety and quarterback. How could an injury at each of those
critical positions impact Virginia Tech’s season?

Raleigh Hokie: By far the biggest concern is at QB. It is such a critical
position anyway, but it is especially critical for the Hokies this season. Tyrod
Taylor must stay healthy for this team to have a chance at achieving its goals.
He is not only a vital part of the offense, but it is his team this season. His
leadership in the locker room, on the practice field and on the sideline will be
just as important as his play on the field. Losing him to an injury would be
very difficult to overcome.

The depth is very thin at the position: in my opinion, all of the backups
need more seasoning and development time before seeing the field for an extended
period. As it stands, JuJu Clayton would be the guy, but he really needs more
time and another spring practice before getting thrown to the wolves. The
coaches would have to modify the game plans to limit the duties of the QB,
leaning much more heavily on the power running game and the defense. For a lot
of fans it wouldn’t be exciting to watch, but the team would have to try to pull
out close, low-scoring victories by winning the field position battles and
relying heavily on the defense and kicking game. It would be BeamerBall to the

On the other side of the ball, an injury to either Jason Worilds or Nekos
Brown at DE would create a sense of panic as well. The depth at that position is
as thin as I can ever remember. The move of Chris Drager from TE should
help, but no one will know for sure how effective he will be until he gets out...