2008 Miami Game Analysis: Offense Takes a Step Back

Now that it has been a few days, it’s easier to analyze this game without the emotion and frustration getting in the way. On the one hand, it was a game where all the breaks and funny bounces went in favor of the Hurricanes. On the other hand, it was a game where a disturbing trend of offensive futility returned in a dismal second half performance by the Hokies. Either way it was a gut-wrenching loss for a Virginia Tech team that is no longer in control of its own destiny. In order to get back into the Coastal race, the Hokies now have to depend on the ACC’s “other Tech” to take care of business with the hated Canes.

Who Spiked Their Gatorade?

Before getting into the nitty-gritty stuff, I wanted to comment on a point that jumped off the screen while watching the game — the Canes were much tougher, quicker and faster than they had shown on film all season. The extra days of rest may have been a factor, but it’s clear that Miami had the Tech game circled for some time.

That’s not surprising given how Tech has dominated the series in recent years, winning nine of the past 13 against Miami. No doubt the Canes were ready to play on Thursday night. In my opinion, it was Miami’s best performance of the season, including that impressive showing against the Florida Gators in early September.