2008 Monday Thoughts: Georgia Tech

Hokies grabbed a much needed win Saturday, in a back and forth battle with
Georgia Tech that was as close to a must-win game as you can get in
mid-September. The offense has been handed over to Tyrod Taylor for the time
being, and in this game we learned a lot about where the Hokies are, not just
offensively, but defensively. Every game’s going to be an effort for these guys.

Taylor took every snap in this game, a development hinted at by some
information we received Friday that TT had taken every snap in Thursday’s
practice. QB Coach Mike O’Cain fibbed to reporters Wednesday (O’Cain himself
admitted it), answering a question by saying that Sean Glennon was not being
phased out of the offense. For this week anyway, Sean was.

That … was a savvy move. We’ll never know how Glennon could have done
against the Jackets, but we do know that Tyrod made several plays that turned
nothing into something, and in one case, he turned a pass play into a touchdown
run. The margin for error in this game was razor thin, a recurring theme for the
2008 Hokies, and Taylor, along with a +3 turnover margin, was the big difference
in the game.