Friday Football Q&A: August 1, 2008

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This week in the Friday Q&A, Raleigh Hokie talks about how the Hokies will get the ball in the hands of their playmakers this year. He also discusses Bud Foster’s defense and how it could change. In the final question, Chris Coleman gives an early preview of the East Carolina game.

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1) How can VT best take advantage of playmakers like Macho, Dyrell
Roberts, and Ryan Williams on offense this fall? Will we see some new
wrinkles and ways of getting the WRs carries on plays other than reverses?

Raleigh Hokie: Currently, no one really knows if Dyrell Roberts or
Ryan Williams will be ready to contribute as true freshmen. The first few
days of fall practice will clarify a lot of that, but at this point the
coaches have to go in with a plan that is built around their proven
commodities — the center of the offensive line, the tight ends, and the two
QB’s. They will look to expand from that as the
newcomers show that they are ready and can help the offense this

Assuming Roberts and/or Williams pass the early tests, then I
suspect they will get most of their looks on offense in the slot where the
play packages can be streamlined and controlled. For example, it’s
not likely we will see either out there blocking on the edges of the zone run
packages, but we could& see one or both in the game when things are
spread out with the various shotgun-based play packages.

It’s a little different with Macho. It will be very interesting to see
how he will be utilized on the offensive side of the ball. Before
Brandon Dillard’s injury, I think his snaps on offense would have been
minimal — maybe 5-6 per game — allowing him to
focus as the boundary corner and primary punt returner. Dillard’s
injury could change that thinking. Unless Roberts or Williams
(or another freshmen) show they can make plays on the
outside, then I would look for Harris to get