Friday Football Q&A: July 18, 2008

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This week in the Friday Q&A, Raleigh Hokie discusses what a player can
accomplish in offseason conditioning. Chris Coleman talks about how Brandon
Dillard’s injury could open the door for some young wide receivers, and also
answers a question about the possibility of expanding Lane Stadium yet again.

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1) Many coaches have made it very clear that the offseason is just as
important as the regular season in terms of conditioning, strength training,
academic focus, etc. Can a player really separate himself in the eyes of
the coaches in the offseason or does it really happen in the August practices?

Raleigh Hokie: It is very important for the players to show focus and
commitment during the off-season. Players separate themselves by stepping
up and overcoming difficult challenges. The coaches are constantly testing
a player’s competitive drive and motivation by challenging them throughout the
entire year.

A player knows that he can separate himself during the off-season workouts
while staying focused in the classroom. It is what the coaches want to see
and it puts the player a leg up heading into fall practice. Nothing is
guaranteed, but if a player loses traction during the off-season, then it will
be very difficult for him to “turn it on” and regain what he has lost
once practices start. That’s especially true within the VT program where
effort carries an extremely high value. The program was built with lightly
recruited players that gave maximum effort at all times. The talent level
has continued to rise over the years, but effort on and off the field still
defines the culture of the program today.

Chris Coleman: He can certainly stand out in the eyes of the coaches. As
Raleigh said, work in the weight room and the conditioning program are still the
heart and soul of the football program.

That being said, I think the Branden Ore situation proved that it doesn’t...