Friday Football Q&A: May 30, 2008

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We are back with another session of Friday Q&A! This week, Raleigh Hokie and Chris Coleman talk about Cam Martin at whip linebacker, team chemistry heading into the 2008 season, and the possible roles of Ryan Williams.

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1) What does Cam Martin’s future hold at VT? I’ve been bummed
since he’s been injured a bit.

Raleigh Hokie: Barring a more serious injury, Cam will be the starting
Whip LB for the last two years of his career. He is a heady player that is
perfectly suited for that unique position. The knee injury he suffered at
the end of last year doesn’t appear to be serious in the sense that surgery and
extensive rehab was required. Lots of players have to deal with that type
of injury and they find ways to tough it out and get the job done. Again,
unless he suffers a more serious injury down the road, I think Cam will continue
to hold down the Whip position and will become one of the key leaders for the

Chris Coleman: Cam Martin will be one of the most important players
defensively for Tech this year. He is one of just two returning full-time
starters in the front seven, along with his brother Orion. He’s a perfect fit
for the whip linebacker position. That position was made for him, and vice
versa. The only question about Cam is whether or not he can stay healthy. I’m
banking on him having a very good season, assuming he stays healthy.

2) I am big on the “chemistry” issue and it seems to me the teams that
do well always have a lot of the “good” kind and those that struggle have
none, or the “bad” kind. Last year’s team seemed to really bond
after the LSU game and it was a “we are going to win or lose as a team”
mentality. I wanted to see if any of you have a feeling for whom the
leaders will be on this team and what your opinion is of the chemistry in the locker room and on the field.