Friday Football Q&A: May 2, 2008

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We are back with another session of Friday Q&A! This time Phil Martin
joins Raleigh Hokie, and together they tackle some good questions about the two
quarterback system, why Tech doesn’t run the option much anymore, and how
inexperience at wide receiver can hurt the offense as a whole.

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[email protected].

Do you really believe a 2-QB system could be effective for an entire season?

Phil Martin: Yes, provided that the playbook is more equally divided
between the two quarterbacks. In the Orange Bowl, Kansas had enough time to
scout Tech’s play calling for the two QBs in detail and overplayed VT’s
tendencies. Taylor needs to have more of the playbook available to him, which
should certainly occur with more off-season preparation and spring/fall

The two-quarterback system can be a huge advantage for Tech, since the
opponent must prepare for two completely different style QBs. I believe that
Tech should game plan for one quarterback to receive the majority of snaps in
each game, but that QB will vary depending on the opponent. Interchanging the
QBs during a drive can keep one, or both, of the quarterbacks from getting into
a rhythm, so Tech should decide which quarterback fits the game plan for the
opponent and stick with that QB.

Also, Taylor could be used in specific situations, especially in the red zone
offense when his running ability could be used as an advantage. I would expect
that we will see more of Taylor against teams that predominantly play man-to-man
defense, such as FSU, and teams that play mostly zone, such as BC, will see more
of Glennon. However, the ability to defend the outside running game might also
be a factor in using Taylor or Glennon as well.

In short, the two-quarterback system may not be ideal, but in Tech’s case
that may be the best solution overall.

Raleigh Hokie: It can be done, but it will be very tough. In my opinion,...