Play Diagram: Ore’s Game-Winning TD

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I mentioned in “Monday Thoughts” that Branden Ore’s game-winning
touchdown was a fascinating play, and after spending time breaking it down and
diagramming it, I discovered that it was one of the most perfectly-executed
plays the Hokie offense has had all season. Check out the diagram and
description of the play that gave the Hokies their fourth win in the Orange Bowl
in the last ten years.

Here’s a diagram of the play, which shows the ten players involved in the
play for VT and the ten players involved for Miami. The eleventh players for
each team consisted of a receiver and defender split wide, and neither one had
an impact in the play.

To open the diagram up in a separate browser window, so you can view it and the article at the same time, click here.

Here’s how the play unfolded:

  • Tech’s David Clowney (#87) went in motion from right to left, pulling Miami
    CB Glenn Sharpe (#4) all the way across the field, from the right to the
    left (where Sharpe is shown on the diagram).
  • The ball was snapped.
  • Right side: Miami DE Baraka Atkins (#98) and CB Brandon Meriweather (#19)
    rushed, but Duane Brown just dropped back a step or two and impeded their
  • Tech RG Sergio Render (#70) pulled back and started to his left. Tech center Danny McGrath (#69) blocked down on Miami DT Bryan Pata (#95) and cut him down. Pata bounced back up relatively quickly, but it was too late.
  • Tech LG Brandon Gore (#77) cracked down on Miami DT Kareem Brown (#99) and knocked the living snot out of him. Brown reeled backwards and fell over the prone McGrath. Gore’s block of Brown created a huge hole in the
    middle of the defense.
  • Miami linebackers Glenn Cook (#55) and Tavares Gooden (#52) read Tech
    fullback Carlton Weatherford