A Timetable for Alvarez?

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6-5, 310-pound Hylton (Woodbridge, VA) OL William Alvarez enjoyed a successful evaluation period, adding significantly to his scholarship count. His teammate, OL Leo Grassilli, saw his recruitment pick up in intensity last month as well and could be on the brink of earning his first 1A scholarship offer. We caught up with Hylton head coach Lou Sorrentino for updates on both of his recruits.

At this point, Alvarez has accumulated scholarship offers from most schools in the ACC, several schools in the SEC, Penn State from the Big 10 and a few Big East programs. He has visited programs such as Maryland, Penn State and Virginia before and, this past week, headed to North Carolina on an unofficial visit.

“In talking to him [last night], he seemed to enjoy it,” Sorrentino said of Will’s experience at UNC. “He enjoys just about everything he goes and sees. The difficult thing is that we’re not going to be able to get around much this summer. The North Carolina trip was something that just kind of fell in his lap. We had a couple other players going and so the coaches mentioned he should go down with them. So he did.”

Virginia Tech, a school Alvarez has yet to visit, may be the next program on the visit list. UVa could get a visit soon as well, as Sorrentino is taking his players to UVa’s camp this weekend. Alvarez may or may not go with them.

“He mentioned that to me [yesterday],” Sorrentino said. “He asked when we could get to Tech. We may look at summer school and see when we could get there for a day. I know they have a camp in July. We’ll see. Getting down to Tech sometime soon has been a goal.”

Summer school is a key for Alvarez, who will not be able to make too many unofficial visits this summer as a result.

“He needs to do well in the summer school class and that’s more important than going to camps,” Sorrentino said. “He recently took the ACT and we’re waiting on those scores as well as his grades. Those things will tell us more.”

Are schools taking a wait-and-see approach with Alvarez as a result of his academic situation?

“I think they know summer school is going to be important,” Sorrentino said. “They’re all still involved and still interested.”

Sorrentino is working hard on getting the most out of his star lineman academically and athletically.