Nice Draft for the Hokies … But Can They Make the Team?

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Virginia Tech had a total of nine players selected in the 2006 NFL Draft,
which is a new school record. The Hokies are sending players from a lot of
different positions, including linebacker, offensive line, defensive line and
tailback, into NFL camps. Each player is stepping into unique situations with
the team they are signing with, and sometimes factors other than talent will
determine whether or not they make the team.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at each Tech player, in the order they
were drafted, and see what they have to face in terms of competition, and assess
their chances for playing time or making the team in their rookie season.

Jimmy Williams, Atlanta Falcons

Jimmy Williams slipped to the early second round of the draft, and the
Falcons traded up to select him with the 37th overall pick. Atlanta projects
Williams as a cornerback, where he is currently listed behind seasoned veteran
Jason Webster at right cornerback. Former Hokie DeAngelo Hall is the starter at
left cornerback.

The Falcons play a lot of defensive backs, so early playing time should be no
problem for Williams. His size makes him a versatile player. Atlanta currently
has four safeties listed on the roster, including two backups who have no

With Williams’ talents, the amount of money the Falcons are investing in him,
and the lack of experience among the backups at safety, Williams has a chance to
play a lot of roles for the Falcons this season. Those roles include starting
cornerback, nickel back, or even a backup safety. He should be on the field a
lot, so look for #24 (he has already been assigned a number on Atlanta’s web
site) in Atlanta’s defensive backfield this fall.

Tapp, Seattle Seahawks

Tapp has a chance to make an impact during his rookie season for the
Seahawks. The defending NFC Champions were looking