Notes From the First Day of Practice

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First of all, a few observations on the new coaches.  They all seem to
be fitting in without missing a beat.  The practice was very
organized.  They also seem to lead by positive reinforcement.  There
was hardly any yelling.  Just a lot of technique correcting and

The only time I heard anything resembling yelling from a new coach was in
passing drills.  Quarterbacks and wideout running drills against defensive
backs.  Kent Hicks was one-on-one against someone.  I don’t remember
who or even if the pass was completed, but Torrian Gray went over to Hicks, I
assume to correct him.  Hicks said something back, and Gray said rather
loudly "I don’t want to hear it."

I’ll also give some props to Kevin Sherman.  Whenever a wide receiver
drops a pass during practice, he is required to immediately drop to the ground
and do 10 pushups.  If nothing else, the receivers’ arms should be strong
enough to beat press coverage this season.

Lewis just needs to figure things out mentally.  He needs to learn that
this is big time college football and not high school.  I can’t speak on
his conditioning, but on his first two handoffs in running back drills, he
fumbled the handoff.  Then he just stood there looking around.  After
the second fumble, Billy Hite more than gently reminded him that when the ball
was on the ground, you should be jumping on top of it.  I was very
impressed with Elan last August, but he just needs to clean a lot of things
up.  George Bell should be well ahead of him now, based on conditioning and
the fumble issues.

Speaking of Bell, if I had to choose one player on the team to NOT run over
me at full steam, it would be him.  That dude is just a beast.  The
best looking physical specimen the Hokies have ever had at tailback, bar none.

I don’t know if this is common knowledge or not, but Beamer is about the most
hands off coach you’ll see.  He worked with his kickers a little bit, but