2005 Practice Report: OL, QB, and Free Safety Observations

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One of our best insiders checked out practice Wednesday and kept a close eye on most of the proceedings. We had him
check out the offensive line play for some possible changes there, plus give us some thoughts on the backup QB battle
and Justin Hamilton’s chances at overtaking DJ Parker at free safety. Here’s info on all that and more.

Offensive Line: Brandon Gore has forged his way into the starting lineup recently, changing the interior OL (RG-C-LG)
from Jason Murphy, Danny McGrath and Will Montgomery to Murphy, Montgomery, and Brandon Gore. Using Wednesday’s practice
as a guide, the move appears to have been a good one.

“The interior offensive line looks solid to me,” our insider said. “Gore, Monty and Murphy are
certainly no worse than Monty, McGrath and Murphy, and probably are a little better at this point. I think we improved
our offensive line with this move. Gore is huge, and will flatten some defensive tackles when he doubles down on whoever
is covering up the center.”

Sergio Render continues to demonstrate his potential, and if he can keep things on track, he appears to be a budding
star at guard.

“Sergio Render looks pretty darn solid at right guard,” we learned. “Not enough to displace Murphy
right now, but my feeling is that Render will play some this year and take over the starting job next season [after
Murphy is gone]. And he’ll be better than Murphy, maybe as early as next season. He has good footwork and exceptional
strength for a guy with his age and lack of experience. He finishes blocks too. He’s not content with just standing the
defender up…he makes a point to try to drive him into the secondary on every play. The quality of our future offensive
lines went up a notch the day