A Day at the Nike Camp

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Two years ago, when the Nike camp made its first-ever stop
in Blacksburg, it created quite a buzz, and the weather was drizzly and a little
chilly. This time around, Nike camps are almost old hat in the fast-moving world
of football recruiting, and the 281 attendees were greeted with a rare sight:
snow in late April and frigid weather that caused the players to spend most of
their time indoors. I spent the day in Blacksburg, and what follows are some
personal observations and descriptions of how the camp was run and some of the
action I observed. Included are pictures and four video clips.

Nike Camp
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freezing.jpg (190219 bytes)
It’s freezing out here!
loganel.jpg (86963 bytes)
MD commit Antonio Logan-El gives me the evil eye.
anthony1.jpg (70231 bytes)
Marcus Anthony walks back to the line after kicking butt.
hinson1.jpg (60380 bytes)
Isaiah Hinson inspects a … broken nail?
hinson2.jpg (115602 bytes)
Hinson gets ready to attack the dummy.