And Now, the Spring Game

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With the NCAA Tournament out of the way and all losing
bracket sheets consigned to the waste basket, we can now turn our undivided
attention to that annual rite of spring, the spring football game. It certainly
is obliging of the NCAA to take Tech’s spring practice into account when
scheduling their tournament. It is a testament to the power of Tech football and
the clout of our athletic director that Myles Brand will call to find out the
date of Tech’s spring game and then ensure that the Final four is done in time
for fans to watch some Tech football. Or at least something closely
approximating football.

I will confess to not being the most avid follower of the
daily updates surround Tech’s spring practice, although for the sake of this
Web site I’m glad there are many who do. While the practice updates have been
informative as to what’s going on, I am not one who closely scrutinizes every
coach’s every comment to attempt to discern what said coach ‘really meant.’
The panic-stricken cries heard last year around this time, those of ‘We don’t
have any wide receivers’ were muted when the season started and the Tech
coaches seemed to be able to conjure up several. This year’s plaintive wails
of ’What about linemen?’ will more than likely also abate come around ’06
when the coaching staff will have some magically appear. I feel reasonably
certain that at some time on or about September 3-4 Tech will put a team onto
the field at Carter-Finley Stadium and chances are it will be a pretty good one.
I let others sweat the small stuff.

There will be precious little information to be gained
about the ’05 Tech team from this Saturday’s game, using the term ‘game’
quite loosely. Judging from past examples, the prime directive Saturday will be
to 1) avoid getting anybody hurt and 2) get it over with. This is hardly unique
to Tech.