Walko Names Three Favorites

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Seneca Valley (Germantown, MD) offensive line standout Jon Walko lists three schools as his current favorites. While he is still considering more schools, these three have edged out in front of the rest based on his experiences at each this year.

“I would say my top three are Clemson, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia, just for the fact that these are the places I’ve been to and I liked all of them so far,” Walko said. “Every school is now in the running still, but as of now these three have stood out just a little bit. They are all equal.”

Walko visited Tech and West Virginia during the spring and recently paid a visit to Clemson. He commented on all three experiences.

“I visited West Virginia and Virginia Tech during my spring break and Clemson just a few weeks ago,” Walko said. “Clemson was real impressive. Death Valley is everything everyone’s said it would it be. The seats are right on top of the field.

“When I visited West Virginia I really got a good feel for the atmosphere. Morgantown is a real little town. It seemed like everyone was on top of each other. I’m not a big-city type of guy, so I like small towns.

“The thing I liked about Virginia Tech was the close proximity of everything. Where the football players stay is right next to the weight room, the football stadium, and the rest of the facilities they are at all the time.”

Naming these three schools as his current favorites is not tough for Walko. Naming a favorite among the three, on the other hand, has been difficult for the talented 6-7, 290 pound lineman.

“That’s the hard part about it,” Walko said. “With those three, I like one thing about one a little better but I like something else about another one a little better. It’s real confusing. One week I’ll say I’m going to West Virginia, but then the next I’ll say I’m going to Virginia Tech or Clemson. That’s what happens a lot. It’s confusing.”

This fall, Walko hopes to attend at least one game for all three schools. Game atmosphere will be a major factor for Walko, who feels he will be able to make an easier decision once he takes in each game experience.

“Yeah definitely,” Walko said when asked if he wanted to see a game atmosphere from each of these schools. “I truly believe that will be the deciding factor for me. I’m looking forward to seeing if Clemson is as good as people say and if Virginia Tech and West Virginia are as good as people say. I want to see all that.”