TSL Podcast 336: The Transfer Portal, ACC Bowls, and More

TSL Podcast 336: The Transfer Portal, ACC Bowls, and More

Bowl season is upon us and the transfer portal is alive and well. Sit down with the Tech Sideline crew as they discuss each ACC bowl game, recent transfer portal news surrounding Tech football and the past few days for Tech men’s and women’s hoops. (89 minutes)

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  1. Ditto on Chris Kraft. From my old High school land, the 757 Norfolk area. Remember first space shots were from Wallops Island VA and NASA started at Langley AFB.

  2. Interesting exchange on the pod between CC and AB about Purdue and UCF claiming to be the Space Universities. Virginia Tech has as good a claim to this as any university. Not because of Homer Hickam (who authored the bestselling memoir ‘Rocket Boys’ upon which the movie ‘October Sky’ was based’) Hickam did get an engineering degree from Tech but he was not even a minor figure in NASA.

    Christopher Columbus Kraft, Jr. on the other hand is also a Tech grad and was a towering figure in the Space program through Apollo. The ‘architect of mission control’ he belongs up there on the Mount Rushmore of Space exploration along with Von Braun, Armstrong, James Webb. Easily one of the most accomplished and distinguished VaTech alumni in the history of the school. I rank him 2nd behind Capt. Lloyd Williams who famously uttered the immortal phrase: “Retreat, Hell! we just got here.” at Belleau Wood shortly before being mortally wounded and posthumously being promoted to major and having the most cramped dorm in America named after him.

    In any event, AB & CC especially given your interest in history, you should check out Kraft’s 2001 autobiography: Flight – My life in Mission Control. A hell of a good yarn and he doesn’t pull any punches.

  3. We don’t know if either GA or FSU want or don’t want to be there. Both COULD view it as the alternative NC

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