Tech Talk Live Notes for August 31, 2015

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Scot Loeffler

Loeffler is going to be sleeping a little more than usual this year.  He’s been doing it the same way for 18 years, but he’s learned that there are ways to do things that are better and more efficient.  It’s been a good lifestyle change.

The leaders on the team embraced Loeffler’s offseason challenge.  The coaches did not make anything easy in the offseason.  They were young, but they still lost a ton of close games.  If they had done just a few things better they would have had a much better season.  He put Michael Brewer through the ringer.

As a Michigan alum, Scot Loeffler has great respect for Ohio State.  He grew up in Ohio as an Ohio State fan, but he became a Wolverine.  Last year’s win at OSU was a special day for Frank Beamer and all the players.

Ryan Malleck was one of the guys the coaches challenged in the offseason.  He does things the right way, but he needed to open his mouth as a senior and hold the younger players accountable.  He’s done that.

Malleck and Bucky Hodges are great complements to each other.  They are problem players, and by that he means that they are a problem for defensive coordinators.  They are versatile, and that causes conflict on the defense.

When you’re playing a top 10 defense, the details matter.  Everything you do is hard.  It’s a struggle.  You can’t beat yourself and turn the ball over, and when you get a chance to make a play you have to make them.  If you don’t, you won’t have a chance to win.

Loeffler started gameplanning for Ohio State last February, and Bud Foster did the same.

Ohio State is a totally different team than they were a year ago.  Luke Fickle did a great job with their defense.  They improved as the year went along.  They are big, strong and confident.

Urban Meyer is a great coach.  Loeffler coached under him at Florida.  Tech and Ohio State do a lot of the same things, and that’s why both programs have been successful.

Aaron Moorehead did a great job with freshmen receivers last year, but they were still freshmen and Michael Brewer had only been on campus a month.  What Ford, Phillips and Hodges know now is night and day compared to where they were last year.

Ryan Malleck

The team is really excited.  It’s going to be a fun weekend for everybody involved, though the team won’t be able to attend the Brad Paisley concert.

Malleck has never been very vocal, but he’s been trying to talk more over the spring and summer.

Beating Ohio State and having a big game individually was a special feeling.  He was able to find holes in the defense.

Malleck has been banged up a bit during his career, but right now he feels the best he’s ever felt during his career at Tech.  It’s tough playing through an injury.  You are a step slower.  Things you normally can do, you can’t do when you’re hurt.

The offensive line has improved a lot.  They are working as a unit much better.  They are seeing things better and everybody is on the same page.

The offense spent a lot of time working on perimeter and downfield blocking.  They dedicate a whole period of practice to perimeter blocking.  The improvement is noticeable.  Setting the edge is critical.

Night games are awesome, despite the fact that you have to sit around and wait all day.

Frank Beamer

Beamer likes the team, and he likes they way they have practiced.  It’s just about time to go play.

Beamer is very happy that Tyrod Taylor will start for the Buffalo Bills.  He has always gotten better, showing steady improvement.  He kept working on his throwing motion and release.  He’s made himself into a tremendous quarterback.  He’s a great athlete, he’s competitive, and he has a very good mind.  Beamer isn’t surprised at all that he is starting.

Every game is important.  This one has more emphasis on it than most games.  You rarely get a shot at the #1 team at home.  But you can’t make it bigger than it is.  You can’t get outside your zone.  They have to play their game and not get crazy.

You can talk all you want, but injuries are always a factor.  If a key player is injured, your whole team is different.  That hurt Tech last year, along with the obvious inexperience on offense.  They were just hoping Isaiah Ford and Cam Phillips could line up correctly.  That’s how young they were.

The progress that Ohio State made  throughout the season last year was impressive.  You can’t help but admire that.  They do a great job.  They recruit well and have a great staff.

Zohn Burden is a great fit.  When the job came up, Beamer had about five people call him immediately and tell him Burden would be the right hire.  So far he thinks those people are right.

The situation at WDBJ7 just breaks your heart.  Both of those people had great futures ahead of them.  It’s so senseless.

College football doesn’t get old.  Beamer is excited as he’s ever been going into a season.  He likes his coaching staff a lot, and it always helps to have high quality individuals in the program.  The administration has been great, and the new recruiting guys are a big help.

Tech’s team captains for the Ohio State game will be Ryan Malleck, Sam Rogers, Chuck Clark and Luther Maddy.

Beamer likes Brad Paisley.  He talks Fancy Gap language.  Beamer likes his “Alcohol” song, though naturally he wouldn’t know anything about that.

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