Tech Talk Live Notes for 10/25/10

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Tech Talk Live (football and basketball season)

When: Every Monday from 7:00-9:00 during football season, 7:00-8:00 during basketball season.

Where: Click here for a list of radio stations, and to find the link for listening to the show on the Internet (look to the right on the page that loads when you click the link). You can see the show in person Bull & Bones Brewhaus & Grill in Blacksburg.

Jim Weaver

  • Weaver is really pleased that Tech was able to have three home games in
    the month of October this year. That is something that fans complained about
    in the past, when the Hokies had one or no Saturday October games.
  • Tech had a choice of having an open date before Georgia Tech or before
    James Madison. They chose Georgia Tech to give the team extra time to
    prepare for the option.
  • Tech has granted two charities the opportunity to collect donations before
    football game from fans. The Corps of Cadets, who made a donation to the
    D-Day Memorial, and the pink wrist bands for breast cancer. Anyone else
    collecting donations on campus are doing so without permission, and could be
  • Weaver is against punishing NFL rookies for violating NCAA rules. Some
    might make the team, and others might get cut. Weaver thinks they should
    suspend the agents who are violating the rules. If he can’t make money, then
    he’ll quit cheating.
  • You have to count on the character of the player and the character of the
    agent. Weaver went through this situation when he was at Florida, but it
    only involved one player.
  • Weaver has no control over what time television decides to start the game.
    Tech starts non-televised games at 1:30. If ESPN, ABC or the ACC Network
    picks up the game, Tech doesn’t have a say in what time the game starts.
  • Weaver’s understanding is that ACC teams on probation will still
    participate in full revenue sharing.

Bryan Stinespring

  • Tech scored on eight of their first nine possessions against Duke, and six
    of their first seven against Wake Forest. Getting off to a great start is
    key. Obviously Tech wasn’t doing that too well early in the season.
  • Tech played well against Boise for three quarters. They didn’t play well
    in the first quarter. Stinespring feels like the offense was pressing too
    much early in the season. They felt a lot of pressure, and they weren’t
    playing like they were having fun. The coaching staff has engineered some
    things, some formations and plays, that seem to make it more fun. They’ve
    run a jailbreak screen, some more options, plus the formation with Andrew
    Lanier split out wide.
  • The Hokies got a lot done on Monday. They reviewed the Duke film, they
    started their preparations for Georgia Tech, and the offensive and defensive
    staffs also did some self scouting.
  • Tech is facing a few different kind of defenses. Wake Forest adopted the
    Nebraska game plan. They focused on keeping Tyrod Taylor in the pocket. Some
    teams are blitzing a lot from the outside and hoping for a push up the
    inside. Another school of thought is rushing the linebackers right up the
  • All of those defenses are designed to contain Tyrod Taylor. He’s playing
    at a very high level right now. His deep out to Danny Coale early in the
    game was perfect. That was a big league throw. Taylor actually changed
    Coale’s route at the line of scrimmage. He did that one other time during
    the game, on the touchdown pass to Dyrell Roberts.
  • The Georgia Tech defense is very familiar to the Hokies. Al Groh is their
    defensive coordinator, and they run the 3-4. They have tweaked it a bit, but
    it’s the same basic defense.
  • Some players have more of a nasty disposition than others. Jake Grove is a
    good example. Other guys might not be as nasty, but they have the physical
    talent to make them effective. There are guys on the line who can will the
    younger recruits to develop a nasty streak. That’s the best way for a young
    lineman to develop that temperament. Greg Nosal is getting meaner. Jaymes
    Brooks is getting tougher. They are all moving in that direction.
  • Andrew Miller is already very much like Jake Grove. When you watch him on
    film, he’s going to hit somebody, and he’s going to hit them hard.
  • Nick Becton is doing very well right now. He’s getting better. He missed a
    lot of time in the preseason. Michael Via played very well on Saturday.
    David Wang and Andrew Miller were also very good. If you want a guy to
    develop a nasty streak in a hurry, you get him some competition behind him.
  • Vinston Painter is holding himself back. He has the tools. It’s very
    difficult to explain. He’s never really had to put great effort into blocks
    to succeed, but college is another story. It’s a different mindset.
  • Logan Thomas is a special talent with tremendous poise. He handles himself
    well in all phases, on and off the field. He’s got a great arm, and he’s got
    vision in the pocket. He’s always going to be able to get rid of the
    football. He has good field vision. He needs to improve his footwork and his
    overall consistency.
  • Tech is doing some things right now that Auburn is doing with Cam Newton.
    Tech isn’t going to run the power stuff with Tyrod Taylor because he’s not
    as big as Newton.
  • The Tech offensive staff talked to the Central Michigan defensive staff
    following that game, and they each helped each other out.
  • Stinespring is going recruiting this week. He is heading to the prep
    schools on Thursday, with Frank Beamer in tow. After the prep schools,
    Stinespring is heading to Lynchburg on Friday.
  • Young players that are distinguishing themselves on the practice squad:
    linebacker Dominique Patterson, rover Nick Dew and defensive end Zack
    McCray. Stinespring sees those guys against his offense every day.
  • Logan Thomas came out a little shaky against Duke, but he really settled
    down and did a good job later in the game. He settled down and played well.
    He threw a couple of passes that were right on the money. He completed six
    of his last seven passes.
  • Tech is always trying to do better in the red zone, and Andre Smith has
    been a big part of their improvement.
  • Stinespring doesn’t get a chance to see Tech’s redshirting offensive
    players as much during the season. They are working with the scout team, so
    Tech’s defensive coaches actually see them more. Both Mark Leal and Ricardo
    Young seem to be throwing it well. Leal seems to be throwing with more
    velocity and throwing it better downfield. Young needs to continue to add
    weight and strength. He’s done some good things in Monday scrimmages.
  • Tech will sign a quarterback in February. They will sign two quarterbacks
    if they can. It’s a critical spot. It’s important to always have a good
  • Stinespring thinks the 2009 Alabama team is the best team Tech has faced
    since he’s been here.

Kyle Fuller

  • Fuller wanted to play as a true freshman, so it’s been very exciting. He
    feels like he’s been getting better every week.
  • He talks to his brother Vincent Fuller a lot. Vincent played for Tech and
    is now with the Tennessee Titans. Vincent gives Kyle advice about
  • Fuller came in with a strong work ethic. He is very coachable. He didn’t
    really expect to play this year, but that was his goal.
  • Fuller grew up going to Tech games because of his brother, so he was very
    familiar with Tech and very comfortable. He liked Tech a lot growing up. It
    was always a strong possibility that he was coming to Tech. He also looked
    at Maryland, Kansas, Syracuse and Duke.
  • His first start was against East Carolina. He missed a tackle early in the
    game, and then kind of woke up and played well the rest of the way.
  • Fuller actually looks like his brother when he plays. Kyle played nickel
    this week, which is the position Vincent plays for the Titans. Vincent
    watched the game and called Kyle and told him that their stances look very
    similar. Vincent will be in town for the Georgia Tech game.
  • Saturday was the first time Fuller has played nickel. He had a good week
    of preparation and did well, even though it was new.
  • Fuller is majoring in Business Information Technology.
  • Tech is hitting the tough part of their schedule. Fuller thinks they’re
  • Fuller visited before the bowl game, so he was able to attend practices
    and go out with players. He thinks you can get a good idea of whether or not
    a player is favoring the Hokies by hanging out with him on his visit.
  • Playing for Torrian Gray can be intense. He’s a good coach, and Fuller
    likes playing for him.

Frank Beamer

  • Kyle Fuller is a really talented player. He’s got skills, and the game
    makes sense to him. He’s a good player now, and he’s going to be a terrific
  • James Anderson is having a big year for the Carolina Panthers, and
    DeAngelo Hall had four interceptions for the Redskins. Beamer is glad to see
    so many former players having success.
  • Beamer likes team wins, which is what the Duke win was. The offense,
    defensive and special teams all contributed.
  • Tech will be facing a unique offense in the Georgia Tech game, so a few
    days extra practice will probably be good for that.
  • Tyrod Taylor has been amazing over the last few weeks. He’s playing at a
    very high level. He’s confident, he’s making big plays, he’s getting the
    ball to the right spot. Beamer isn’t sure there’s a better quarterback out
  • It’s important to get off to a good start against Georgia Tech. The Hokies
    had opportunities to score early last year, and they didn’t take advantage.
    There is a big difference in Georgia Tech playing even on the scoreboard and
    playing from behind. If the Hokies had won that GT game last year, the next
    game against UNC could have been different.
  • Georgia Tech has a unique offense, and they have a quarterback who is
    perfect for that offense. Josh Nesbitt needs 42 yards to become the ACC’s
    all-time top rushing quarterback.
  • Beamer thought Duke executed the onside kick very well. The Tech players
    did their jobs, but it was perfect execution by Duke.
  • Ricardo Young and Mark Leal will simulate Josh Nesbitt on the scout team.
    Nesbitt brings a linebackers mentality to the quarterback position. He’s a
    big guy who likes to initiate contact.
  • Eddie Whitley will not practice this week. Hopefully he will be ready to
    go the following week.
  • It was good for Ryan Williams to get some time against Duke. Now he has
    some time to get healthy for Georgia Tech. Beamer hopes tight end Eric
    Martin will be back as well.
  • Tyrod Taylor has worked hard to be a good passer. He is very
    knowledgeable, and he knows where to go with the ball. That helps accuracy.
  • The Tech staff will go out on Thursday to recruit and visit with some
    coaches. Beamer is looking forward to that.
  • Florida State-NC State will be an interesting game. NC State is a really
    good team, depending on how their quarterback plays.
  • There are pluses and minuses to the 3-man personal protection punt scheme.
    The plus is that after you clear the line, you still have to get through the
    shield, which is difficult. The minus is that you have to have three big
    guys on the shield, and when you combine then with the punter, you really
    only have seven coverage guys.
  • Tech had a lot of great blocks on Jayron Hosley’s punt return. The Hokies
    have the most talent on their Pride and Joy team that they’ve ever had.
  • Beamer hopes Marcus Davis will continue to develop. He’s got a big body,
    and he’s fast. He’s playing hard and working hard.
  • Brian Saunders had some great punts against Duke, and Alonzo Tweedy made a
    great open field tackle on one return. When he gets some more experience, he
    can help the Hokies at the whip position.
  • The defense is very young, and some young guys are playing some major
    reps. Beamer feels very good about the future. Tech has been able to play a
    lot of guys in the fourth quarter recently.

Monday was Day 2,158 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.

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