Tech Talk Live Notes for 8/30/10

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Tech Talk Live (football and basketball season)

When: Every Monday from 7:00-9:00 during football season, 7:00-8:00 during basketball season.

Where: Click here for a list of radio stations, and to find the link for listening to the show on the Internet (look to the right on the page that loads when you click the link). You can see the show in person Bull & Bones Brewhaus & Grill in Blacksburg.

Jim Weaver

  • ACC Commissioner John Swofford was in town on Monday. The Hokies will be
    hosting every ACC athletics director on October 5 and October 6, including
    faculty reps. It’s a big meeting, and Virginia Tech is hosting this year.
  • It will basically be a meeting of the minds. They will talk about current
    events, the football championship game and the ACC Basketball Tournament.
  • Weaver checked with "the powers that be" about ticket sales on
    Friday. He said the Redskins expect 85,000 fans for the VT-Boise State game.
  • Parking lots at FedExField will open four hours prior to kickoff, at 4pm.
  • Weaver was introduced to the Notre Dame athletics director a little over a
    year ago, and they said "let’s play". So far it hasn’t happened.
    However, there is a possibility of it happening in four years or so. He had
    a conversation with someone on the phone about it last Friday. It would have
    to be a home-and-home or one single neutral site game.
  • Jim Weaver has tried to schedule Navy a lot, but Navy won’t do it. Yet the
    Midshipmen have scheduled Penn State.
  • Weaver is going to meet with the new West Virginia athletics director
    later this fall to have discussions. This meeting was initiated by West
    Virginia. Weaver isn’t ready yet to resume the series. The fans he talks to
    are not ready to resume it. If they play again, the first meeting needs to
    be at a neutral site.
  • Boise State is bringing four tennis players on the football charter flight
    to play Virginia Tech in DC. Tennis coach Jim Thompson joined the show
    briefly, and said he is good friends with the Boise State coach. The first
    match will be on Sunday at the Columbia Country Club in Chevy Chase,
    Maryland, and on Monday they will play at the Woodmont Country Club in
    Rockville, Maryland.
  • To be clear, the new ACC television contract will begin on July 1, 2011.
  • Corey Moore is being inducted to the Virginia Tech Hall of Fame. It will
    be tough for Corey to not make that trip, so Weaver hopes they can finally
    honor him on the field with his retired jersey.

Billy Hite

  • Billy Hite is the longest tenured assistant coach in the country. He is
    starting his 33rd year at Virginia Tech. There have been a lot of great
  • When Hite originally took the job, he told his wife not to look for a
    house and not to make any friends, because he didn’t plan to be in
    Blacksburg more than a year or two.
  • David Wilson had talked about redshirting after spring practice. He was
    willing to do whatever was best for the team. Hite told him to have great
    preparation during the summer and try to win the starting job. Wilson had a
    great summer, and he’s been great in scrimmages. Hite just can’t see not
    playing a guy like that this year.
  • Beamer, Stinespring and Hite met about Wilson on Sunday morning. Beamer
    even asked the defensive coaches for their opinion. It was unanimous.
    Everybody thought he should play.
  • The Hokies will put more than one tailback on the field at the same time
    this year. There will be opportunity for carries for Wilson. Hite told his
    tailbacks that there will be certain games where one guy might get more
    carries than the other ones, depending on the matchups and who is the hot
    back. They were all fine with that.
  • Hite thinks there is a chance that all three of his running backs could
    declare early for the NFL Draft. If Ryan Williams has another great year,
    it’s easy to see him go. Darren Evans has a wife and child, so he could go
    if he’s expected to be drafted high enough. David Wilson would have to play
    through 2011, but he’s very talented.
  • Tony Gregory has been very good as well. He’s got great speed. The Hokies
    are trying to get him on some special teams, maybe some kickoff returns.
  • Ryan Williams has had another great preseason. When the lights go on, Hite
    isn’t sure he’s had a more competitive running back. He’s a complete
    football player.
  • Darren Evans had a great summer of preparation. He looks like a different
    guy. He’s worked hard and he’s an outstanding person. Hite is really proud
    of him. He had a child at 18 years old, and he’s really stepped up and taken
    responsibility for everything.
  • Billy Hite was on a recruiting visit to see Evans, and he ended up being
    in the hospital as Darren became a father. Hite had Evans’ family on one
    side, his girlfriend’s (now wife) family on the other side, and he’s trying
    to talk about Virginia Tech football.
  • It’s not difficult to recruit tailbacks at Tech, because they know they
    will have an opportunity to touch the football a lot.
  • Brandon Minor of Michigan, a Virginia native, contacted the Hokies at one
    point and wanted to transfer to Virginia Tech.
  • Branden Ore was told by Billy Hite that one more mistake would result in
    his dismissal. Hite probably should have kicked him off earlier, if it
    weren’t for Ore’s mom. Hite is close with her, and he still talks to her. It
    was a difficult thing to do.
  • Hite’s son Griffin still talks to Ore a lot, and Ore has a job and is
    doing well.
  • Stinespring and O’Cain will be in the box for games this year, just like
    last year. The rest of the offensive coaches will be on the sideline.
  • Offensively, this team is possibly the best team Hite has ever been
    around. Curt Newsome has done a great job with the offensive line, and there
    are a lot of athletes and depth at the skill positions. Tyrod Taylor is
    special. Tech can put a lot of stress on a defense.
  • Boise State is very good and very well-coached. They are tough up front,
    and that is the strength of their team.
  • Hite loves playing good teams right off the bad. It makes you a better
    football team.
  • The players are excited about this game. They want to hit somebody else.
    The Boise State defense reminds Billy Hite of the Virginia Tech defense.
    It’s going to be a great challenge.

Steven Friday

  • The
    preseason went well. It’s all about execution in the games. He thinks
    they’ll be pretty good.
  • Friday gray-shirted, and is finally starting as a r-senior. It’s been a
    long time coming. Tech has had a lot of great defensive ends, and he hopes
    he can continue the legacy.
  • There were times over the last few years where Friday wondered if it was
    worth it. His mom told him to hang in there, get his degree, and let things
    play out. Now he’s finally starting.
  • When Friday talks to the younger players, he talks about patience. Even
    when you think the coaches aren’t watching, you should always try to better
  • Boise State is a good team. They’ve got good players on offense. They
    deserve all the credit they are getting. Their coaches really know how to
    use their players. If everybody plays their gaps, Tech should be fine.
  • Chris Drager is a good player, and Tech doesn’t have anything to worry
    about there. J.R. Collins and James Gayle make the future look good at
    defensive end.
  • Friday came to Tech because he wanted to go to school in Virginia, and he
    "definitely didn’t want to go to UVA".
  • Football in the 7-5-7 is very popular. There is a lot of competition from
    an early age. All the 7-5-7 guys on the Tech team are like a big family.
  • Friday has been #82 since he played rec league football, and it’s always
    worked for him.
  • It’s fun playing for Coach Foster, he’s a wild guy. You don’t want to make
    him mad, so you just go out and play as hard as possible.
  • Tech’s offensive line looks pretty solid so far. Friday thinks that group
    will be fine.
  • Tyrod Taylor is a great leader on and off the field. Just being around him
    is a good thing.
  • Friday is already a Tech graduate. He might have to get a job, but he’d
    like to get a shot in the NFL.

Andre Smith

  • Smith
    had a 95 yard touchdown in Saturday’s scrimmage, and he’s never had one that
    long before. As soon as he broke free he wasn’t sure what to do, because
    he’s used to getting nailed as soon as he catches the ball.
  • Every time Smith goes through the offseason strength program, he prepares
    like he doesn’t want any opponent to be better than he is. He’s also trying
    to prepare for the next level.
  • Smith’s mom passed away from leukemia when he was 16. The Cochrane family
    basically raised Smith after that, and they are like blood relatives for
    him. They were there for him for everything he needed. Smith was best
    friends with their son, and it was an easy decision for him to become a part
    of their family.
  • Smith is majoring in sociology and psychology. He decided to go ahead and
    get the dual degree.
  • Smith would love a chance to play in the NFL. If that doesn’t work out,
    he’d love to be involved in law enforcement at the federal level. His best
    friend is actually in the police academy right now.
  • Words can’t describe what it’s like to run out of the tunnel for a
    football game, especially in Blacksburg.
  • Smith would love to catch more passes, but he’s just as happy making great
    blocks and opening holes for the running backs.
  • David Wilson is a great player, so it’s not too much of a surprise that
    he’s going to play this year.
  • This is the most athletic team Smith has been a part of since he’s been at
    Virginia Tech. There are a lot of weapons on both sides of the ball.
  • Logan Thomas is an all-around threat. Whatever position he plays, he’s
    going to do well.
  • The team talks about the National Championship and other championships all
    the time. Every day they prepare with the mentality that they want to win it
    all. Coach Stinespring sets the tone for them. You have to approach the game
    the same way every day.
  • The loudest stadium he’s ever played in was probably Nebraska. He says
    that because he was flagged for a false start because he couldn’t hear
  • It will take a total team effort to beat Boise State. Tech has to execute
    in all three phases of the game.

Frank Beamer

  • Tech is taking Tuesday off, and they will begin normal gameweek practice
    on Wednesday. Wednesday will be Monday.
  • Tech had a scripted scrimmage on Monday, which covers special situations.
    Beamer thought it went well.
  • The effort in the scrimmage was very good. It’s tough to be happy after
    scrimmages, particularly in a 1st team vs. 2nd team scrimmage. Tyrod Taylor
    was very good, and the 1st team offense was very good as a whole.
  • Tech played very hard defensively. They’d like for some backups to step up
    on that side of the football.
  • Tyrod Taylor is throwing exceptionally well. He’s getting the ball out of
    there quicker, and he has a great knowledge of the offense. He gives you a
    chance to win every Saturday. There are a lot of good quarterbacks in the
    ACC, but Taylor was the pass efficiency leader last season.
  • Andrew Lanier will probably be the starting left tackle against Boise
    State. Nick Becton has missed too much practice. He needs to get good reps
    this week and get his conditioning back.
  • David Wilson made plays in every scrimmage this August. He really brings a
    lot to the football team. When Beamer sees Wilson on the football field, he
    thinks about Reggie Bush. He’s running better than ever right now.
  • Everybody was thinking that the best thing would be for Wilson to
    redshirt, but as they got into the preseason they really realized how much
    he can help the team. Beamer isn’t much of a guy to plan three years down
    the road. You do what you can to win games now, and things will take care of
    themselves down the road.
  • Beamer likes the Pete Carroll philosophy (Editor’s Note: for determining
    playing time, not … all the other stuff). He tells kids that if they are
    the best player, then they will play early. The best players should be on
    the field.
  • Backup linebackers are a bit of a concern for the football team right now.
    Gouveia-Winslow is doing fine, but Alonzo Tweedy is banged up. Tech needs to
    get him back healthy. Davon Morgan will get some work at whip, and Exum will
    get some work at rover.
  • The free safety spot requires the player to make a lot of defensive calls.
    Exum is a good player, and they need to get him where his mind isn’t tying
    up his feet. He won’t have as many responsibilities at rover. He might also
    take over the gunner duties on the punt team.
  • There’s not a division in college football that will be as tough as the
    ACC Coastal Division right now. Tech will have to play a lot of good teams.
  • Boise State has a rugby style punter, and their punt team uses a lot of
    different formations. They’ll sometimes take two headhunters and put them on
    the same side. They do a lot of different things. They play a lot of their
    best guys on special teams.
  • Kellen Moore was only sacked five times last year, mostly because Boise
    runs a quick passing game. He gets the ball out quickly. Tech has to be very
    good against screen passes.
  • Boise State is not a trick offense. They are an execution offense. They
    execute very well.
  • Kwamaine Battle has played well. He brings a lot of power to the defensive
  • Kyle Fuller is definitely going to play. He’s getting some second team
    work at cornerback, and he’ll factor in on special teams. He’s a natural
    football player.
  • Chase Williams has been banged up and he’s not as good as he was in the
    spring. He can factor into some special teams, but he needs to get healthy.
    The verdict is still out as to whether or not he’ll redshirt.
  • The Tech coaches already know what they are going to do against James
    Madison. From a coaching standpoint, it won’t be hard to gameplan. It will
    be a short week for the players, however.
  • J.C. Price and Chris Malone are on the JMU staff, and Beamer is proud of
    the job they have done there. JMU is a very good program.
  • John Graves is one of Beamer’s favorite people. He’s the leader of the
    defense. When your best players are your best people, it gets your football
    team going in the right direction.
  • Xavier Boyce, Lorenzo Williams and Barquell Rivers will all miss the Boise
    State game. Everyone else is expected to play.
  • Chris Hazley went 8-of-9 on field goals this month, and Justin Myer had a
    54-yarder in Saturday’s scrimmage. Beamer feels very good about his kickers
    right now. Myer has a tremendously strong leg. If he can get consistent, he
    can be an exceptional kicker.
  • David Wilson and Dyrell Roberts will probably be the kick returners. Tech
    will probably see some squib kicks with those two guys as returners.
  • Boise’s talent level is very good. They recruit a lot of California kids
    from LA, San Francisco, etc. They are also very experienced, so they are a
    very tough opponent.

Monday was Day 2,102 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.

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