2009-2010 Tech Talk Live Notes for 12/14/09

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Tech Talk Live (football and basketball season)

When: Every Monday from 7:00-9:00 during football season, 7:00-8:00 during basketball season.

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Seth Greenberg

  • Greenberg is currently on the road recruiting, and he was in Atlanta on
    Monday. He gave the team Monday off for exams, but they’ll get back at it on
  • Tech did a much better job of guarding the ball screens in the second half
    on Saturday night. The Hokies still need a lot of work with their zone
  • In their second straight road game against a Big Ten opponent, Tech has
    lost a second half lead, but managed to take it right back. That’s big.
  • Erick Green gave the Hokies some good minutes, and J.T. Thompson had some
    more bounce in his step as well.
  • Malcolm Delaney came through with some huge plays down the stretch. That’s
    what he’s supposed to do.
  • Recruiting is like shaving. If you miss a day, you look like a bum. It’s
    important for Tech to work hard on the recruiting trail and try to improve
    their program.
  • Greenberg has been happy with Tech’s non-conference attendance so far. It
    shows that the program is growing, and fans are coming to see the Hokies
    rather than who the Hokies are playing.
  • Virginia Tech is getting better, and that’s the important thing. They are
    getting better in the man offense, and they are feeding the post pretty
    well. They have to make some improvements against the zone defense.

Jim Weaver

  • Weaver announced that defensive coordinator Bud Foster would be with the
    Hokies for another five years. If Bud is going to be a defensive
    coordinator, it needs to be at Virginia Tech.
  • The Hokies have a little less than 2,500 tickets remaining for the Chick-fil-A
    Bowl. Weaver is happy with the way Tech fans have responded.

Bud Foster

  • Foster is very appreciative of the new contract. It’s an exciting time for
    him. He’s looking forward to bigger and better things at Virginia Tech.
  • Foster has been flattered to receive all this attention. Urban Meyer
    called him, complimented the program, and wanted to feel out Foster for his
    interest in the Florida defensive coordinator job. Jimbo Fisher of Florida
    State and Mark Richt of Georgia also called.
  • Foster has been with Beamer for 31 years, either as a player or a coach.
    He went to Beamer right away and told him what was going on.
  • Foster talked to Beamer and Weaver about whether he would have to take a
    coordinator job somewhere else in order to get serious consideration for a
    head coaching job down the line. They decided that it wasn’t necessary.
  • To leave Virginia Tech, Foster is going to have to receive a really
    special offer. He’s very appreciative of what Tech has set up for him.
  • The new package is an annuity package, which is separate from Foster’s
    regular salary. Money gets added on each year, and he’ll be given the lump
    sum if he remains at Tech for another five years.
  • Foster is extremely proud of what they’ve managed to accomplish at
    Virginia Tech. It gives him a lot of desire to continue to improve.

Torrian Gray

  • It’s exciting to know that Bud Foster will continue to be at Virginia
    Tech. It’s exciting and comforting.
  • Foster’s defenses have been very consistent throughout his tenure. The
    players always play hard and tough, and they are always good. It’s easy to
    see why so many other coaches want him as their defensive coordinators.
  • The secondary played well for the most part this year, but Gray wasn’t
    happy with the consistency.
  • Stephan Virgil never really got back to 100%. He got close towards the end
    of the year, but he’s still not there. The grind of the season hasn’t
    allowed him to get completely healthy.
  • Rashad Carmichael was a great blessing for Tech. Gray wasn’t sure he was
    ever a starting caliber player. He really had some great performances this
    year. Gray feels bad for Carmichael, because he wasn’t named an
    All-Conference performer.
  • Tech will need to find a new free safety next year. He will need to not
    only play well, but to be knowledgeable enough to call out the checks and
    signals presnap. Eddie Whitley will get a chance, and Antone Exum will be
    there as well. Between those two guys, Gray hopes one is able to take over
  • Tennessee is a physical football team on offense. They are exactly what
    the SEC is all about. They will pound you, and then work you with play
  • UT’s 7-5 record doesn’t give them the credit they deserve. They played
    Florida and Alabama down to the wire.
  • The team is practicing, but some guys aren’t there because they are taking
    exams or preparing for exams. The whole team will be back together on
    Thursday, and that’s when they will start preparing for Tennessee.
  • When you’re a player, you want to have fun on the bowl trip. But if the
    coaches are emphasizing working hard and preparing for the game, the players
    will be in the right mindframe.
  • Gray was in Atlanta and Northern Virginia last week recruiting. Tech is
    pretty much done with 2010 recruiting. They are just getting a head start
    for the 2011 class.
  • The big difference in the SEC and the rest of the conferences is the
    linemen on both sides of the ball. The SEC has done a great job of
    recruiting and developing skilled linemen.
  • Gray still communicates with former players. Brandon Flowers texts him a
    lot. Macho Harris is tougher to get in touch with, but occasionally Harris
    will drop him a line.
  • Tennessee quarterback Jonathan Crompton really improved as the season
    progressed. They have been a very good running team, and that has opened the
    playaction and rollouts with Crompton.
  • The biggest key for Tech in this game is stopping the run. The Vols are
    similar to Alabama. They have Montario Hardesty, a very good running back
    and former Tech recruiting target.
  • Tech wants to keep the 10-win streak alive, and Gray also wants to beat an
    SEC school. This is a big game.
  • The Hokies are fortunate to have a lot of good players in their geographic
    region. Tech will go get the Jayron Hosleys and Darren Evans when they have
    a connection in another region, but it’s much easier to recruit close to
  • Tech doesn’t recruit against Tennessee head-to-head as much as you might
    think, considering how close the two schools are.

Bruce Garnes

  • Garnes has been at Tech for 20 years, and he’s an operations assistant.
    He’s been responsible for getting the players on Tech Talk Live each week.
    They are taking exams this week, and couldn’t be on the show on Monday.
  • Garnes is having breakfast with all the true freshman at 7am each day. He
    makes sure they are up and in study hall each morning during exams.
  • After 20 years in Blacksburg, Garnes knows exactly what Coach Beamer wants
    most of the time.
  • Garnes’ job puts him a little closer to the players than most of the rest
    of the staff. Some of the older players are more like brothers.
  • The Hokies are recruiting good kids now, and it’s a lot easier to keep
    them under control when they are naturally well-behaved.
  • This bowl game is big. People at Tech have always wanted to play
    Tennessee. It’s a game that should be played every once in a while.
  • Some players that VT recruited in direct competition with Tennessee were
    Vince Hall, Chris Ellis, Jerod Mayo, Montario Hardesty and Cris Hill.
    Generally Tennessee recruits in the south, rather than going east into
  • Tech always tells the players to let them know if there’s ever a recruit
    on campus who isn’t a good fit. It doesn’t happen often, but it has happened
    a time or two since Garnes has been in Blacksburg.
  • Garnes considers Blacksburg home. He never thought he’d be here for 20
    years back when he arrived as a student manager.
  • Tech is 0-2 in Atlanta, and they played two very good teams in Atlanta.
    The Hokies will be ready to play on the 31st.

Monday was Day 1,843 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.

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