2009-2010 Tech Talk Live Notes for 11/02/09

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Jim Weaver

  • Weaver understands that Tech fans are hurting, but they aren’t hurting
    anymore than the Tech players.
  • ECU has a team loaded with seniors. Skip Holtz has done a great job at
    East Carolina.
  • Playing ECU is a good regional rivalry for Virginia Tech.
  • The Boise State game will not be on Labor Day next season. It will remain
    on October 2. Boise State didn’t want to play on a Monday night, because
    they’d have to travel and then play a game the upcoming Saturday. They
    wouldn’t get enough preparation time for their next game.
  • Virginia Tech will probably play a 1-AA team next year. They will replace
    Western Michigan, who wanted out of their game with VT so they could play at
    Notre Dame.
  • It is very difficult to win a National Championship. Joe Paterno has been
    coaching for 44 years, and he’s won two. He won them in 1982 and 1986.
  • The next construction project will be an indoor football practice
    facility, which will be east of the new basketball practice facility.
  • Weaver never wants to play two 1-AA opponents in a year. He wants to play
    a BCS team every year, or perhaps two BCS teams.
  • There is a chance that the road game at Cincinnati in 2012 could be moved
    to a neutral site that will be better for Virginia Tech fans.

Lester Karlin

  • This team has a great bunch of guys. They are hard workers. They spent all
    summer here and worked hard for the season.
  • Tech has five different jerseys and three different sets of pants. Karlin
    likes the maroon uniforms because they don’t show dirt as much and he
    doesn’t have to wash them as much to get the dirt out.
  • Karlin recently started driving a fire truck for the fire department in
  • Tech is wearing their white throwbacks against East Carolina on Thursday.
    The throwbacks could end up becoming the full-time uniform for the Hokies.
  • Don’t expect a black jersey from Tech. Their colors are maroon, orange and
  • Karlin’s favorite all-time football game was the Sugar Bowl when the
    Hokies beat Texas.
  • Going to Syracuse was always nice, and going to Miami is always great.
    Both stadiums have great locker rooms.
  • Karlin thinks he knows what happened to Tech’s jerseys in the 2007 trip to
    Georgia Tech, but he can’t tell anybody.

Ed Wang

  • Tech just needs to keep working. Sometimes things don’t go your way and
    you have to keep working.
  • This is a very close group of players. Nobody is bickering and arguing,
    and certainly nobody is quitting.
  • The best players Wang has faced were Derrick Morgan of Georgia Tech and
    Everette Brown of Florida State.
  • Wang’s parents were on the Chinese Olympic team. His dad did the high jump
    and his mom did hurdles.
  • Wang grew up in a hard working household. They took sports very seriously.
    He played basketball and football growing up.
  • Wang didn’t want to move to offensive tackle at first, but he finally
    figured out that it was in his best interest.
  • Wang’s favorite place to play besides Lane Stadium is at UVA because of
    the rivalry.
  • Greg Boone is the biggest prankster on the team.
  • Wang prefers all-maroon uniforms.
  • The season will have a happy ending. They are going to work very hard for
    the fans.

Jason Worilds

  • These games really come down to execution. Tech just isn’t executing 100%
    of the time. They have to play better.
  • It’s frustrating to get held so much, but it’s an honor as well if linemen
    feel like they have to hold him.
  • Worilds will be facing D.J. Scott, a huge lineman for ECU. He is a big
    guy, and a brawler. The Hokies want to see how well he moves.
  • Worilds felt comfortable playing on the left side after playing there all
    of last year, and Nekos Brown felt comfortable playing on the right side.
  • You learn a lot about yourself when you have to play hurt. You learn
    exactly how much you love the game.
  • The team is hungry right now. They worked so hard in the offseason. They
    want to win.
  • ECU is playing well right now. They are very experienced. The Hokies have
    to play Virginia Tech football.
  • Kevin Rogers recruited Worilds to Virginia Tech. He is a genuine guy all
    the way around.
  • The biggest difference between New Jersey and Blacksburg is that
    Blacksburg is a college town.
  • Virginia Tech has to come out, be physical and stop the run on Thursday
    night. If they do that, the Hokies will win.
  • His favorite place to play other than Lane Stadium is the Georgia Dome.
  • Cody Grimm is the biggest prankster on the team.
  • His favorite uniform combination is the orange jerseys with maroon pants.
  • It’s a special experience to play for Frank Beamer. He’s a legend. You can
    learn a lot by the way he runs the program.
  • Worilds guaranteed that the team would keep working hard and keep fighting
    for the Hokie Nation.

Frank Beamer

  • Beamer is very disappointed with the loss, but if he was losing with bad
    kids who didn’t care it would be a lot worse. The Hokies played very hard.
    North Carolina just beat them.
  • Tech did some good things offensively and defensively, but it wasn’t
    consistent enough.
  • Sometimes you match up better with certain teams than others. The Hokies
    are still young at a lot of positions.
  • That early fumble was key. If the Hokies had gotten some early points, the
    game might have gone differently with UNC coming off a tough loss.
  • Beamer had no problem with running the ball on third and six. UNC was
    playing the pass, and they were not expecting the run. The play was very
    close to going for a lot of yards. It was a good call, it just didn’t work.
  • Georgia Tech didn’t beat the Hokies twice. The Hokies had great effort and
    preparation for UNC. Maybe they were even trying to do too much. North
    Carolina had good players, and they won the game. It had nothing to do with
    Georgia Tech.
  • Last year at this time, Virginia Tech was in the exact same position. They
    were 5-3 and had lost two ACC games in a row. That team stuck together and
    finished strong, and that’s what they are focused on doing this year.
  • Beamer talked to the team about the 1998 team. They went through three
    heartbreaking losses, but never quit and had a good season. They responded
    to adversity.
  • Tech needed to take advantage of field position in the last two games.
    They could have had different results.
  • Michael Via is a tough guy and a smart guy. He’ll give a great effort on
    Thursday night.
  • Rashad Carmichael has had a great year. He’s a tough kid and the game
    really means a lot to him.
  • Tech definitely has an offensive system and an offensive philosophy. It’s
    important to run the ball and throw the ball. Beamer said he likes to be
  • The Hokies have a great chance to win the rest of their games, but they
    have to be more consistent.
  • Dwayne Harris of ECU is a real player. He is a very good receiver, and he
    also runs the Wildcat offense. He’s a dynamic player.
  • Patrick Pinkney is a very good quarterback. He is a sixth-year senior. He
    knows what he’s doing.
  • Dominique Lindsay is a great running back. He’s having a big year. This is
    a very scary team.
  • There will be an electric atmosphere on Thursday night. Everybody will be
    excited. Beamer likes it that way.
  • ECU and Virginia Tech have great respect for each other. Terry Holland
    runs a great athletic department down there.
  • Virginia Tech has to do a better job of taking care of the little things.
    Take care of the little things, and the big things will come.

Monday was Day 1,801 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.

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