2009-2010 Tech Talk Live Notes for 10/26/09

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Jim Weaver

  • Western Michigan, who Tech was going to play next year, has been moved
    back to 2016. Weaver got a call from them about 2.5 weeks ago. The Broncos
    have a chance to play at Notre Dame next year, and they are the first team
    in the MAC to play Notre Dame.
  • Virginia Tech has been asked to play the Boise State game on Labor Day
    night rather than October 2. Coach Beamer was all for moving the game. Tech
    will now play a short week, on Monday (Labor Day) and the following
    Saturday. That Saturday game will be a home game.
  • Notre Dame is making a habit of buying non-BCS conference home games just
    to get to nine wins, which would put them in a BCS Bowl. Weaver thinks there
    will be some discussions in the not-too-distant future about Notre Dame’s
    requirements to make a BCS Bowl.
  • The University will close at 4pm on Thursday and the parking lots will
    open at 5pm.
  • Weaver said Virginia Tech has no need to play music during games while
    opponents are huddling. There’s no need to manufacture music because Tech
    fans are already so loud.
  • There’s too much football left to be played. There’s no need to try and
    project what bowl the Hokies will be playing.
  • It would be really fun to play Notre Dame in the Gator Bowl. It would also
    be great to play Tennessee in the Chick-fil-A Bowl. Gary Stokan of the
    Chick-fil-A Bowl will be in Blacksburg on Thursday night.
  • North Carolina is a very solid program right now. Tech has to bring their
    A-game and play hard.

Mike Gentry

  • Gentry got a good feeling about this team when he saw them work out
    between the Orange Bowl and spring practice. They are a very hard working
  • It makes it very satisfying for former Tech players to come back and work
    in the strength and conditioning program. Keith Short, Jarrett Ferguson and
    Carlton Weatherford work there now. There are 14 full-time strength and
    conditioning coordinators across the country who have come through the Tech
  • Jarrett Ferguson is the perfect example of what the strength and
    conditioning program can do. He came in as a small walk-on and turned into a
    great fullback who was drafted by the NFL.
  • The new basketball facility is overwhelming. The strength and conditioning
    rooms are outstanding.
  • Tech is recruiting smaller offensive linemen now. It’s much easier to take
    an athletic, smaller guy and build him up than it is to take a bigger guy
    and get him into shape.
  • Demetrius Taylor is a great strength athlete. He’s built himself from a
    linebacker into a defensive tackle. His 410-lbs push jerk is the best ever
    at Virginia Tech, regardless of position. He has the position record for
    bench press for defensive tackles at 475-lbs. You name it, he’s done it.
  • Beating Nebraska twice was great for Gentry. Tech modeled their strength
    and conditioning program after Nebraska’s in the mid-90s.
  • Gentry mentioned these specific true freshmen as guys who are standing
    out: David Wilson, David Wang, Antone Exum, James Gayle, Jayron Hosley,
    Telvion Clark, Nubian Peak and Andrew Miller.
  • Tyrod Taylor is a great leader in the strength and conditioning program,
    as is Jason Worilds. Danny Coale is one of Gentry’s favorite guys.
  • In the offseason, Tech players generally lift three or four times a week.
    The required number is about eight hours per week.
  • Jake Johnson came in the door already very strong. He’s still getting
    stronger and more explosive. He’s a hard worker. He benches 425-lbs, which
    is a linebacker record.

Demetrius Taylor

  • Five years goes by fast. It seems like he was in for freshman orientation
    very recently.
  • At first, Taylor didn’t think he was going to play a lot Tech. He just
    kept working hard. He came in as a linebacker behind Xavier Adibi and Vince
    Hall. Then he moved to defensive end and that didn’t work, but he finally
    found a home at defensive tackle.
  • Taylor was a sprinter in track in high school, and he was also a tailback.
    He wasn’t as big back then, but he’s a good all-around athlete.
  • Coach Gentry’s strength program has been great. Taylor has gotten bigger,
    but he’s still very quick.
  • Before high school, Taylor was a big fan of Michigan, Miami and Florida
    State. They recruited him a little bit, but Taylor made the right choice in
    choosing Virginia Tech.
  • North Carolina is a good team. The Hokies can’t overlook anyone. They have
    to come out and play hard.
  • Nesbitt and Dwyer are really good players. Nesbitt in particular is really
    explosive and strong for a quarterback.
  • Tech has been somewhat inconsistent this year from week to week. Taylor
    feels that youth is a factor. More people on the team just have to grow up
    and learn how to play at a high level.
  • Taylor’s best opponent was the left guard from Nebraska this year. He is
    really strong and really big.

Sam Wheeler

  • Wheeler played fullback, running back and linebacker in high school. His
    best position was in the backfield. Tight end is something that came later.
  • Being injured for so long was tough, but it’s great to be back now. It’s a
    great feeling to be back out there with his teammates.
  • Wheeler was injured against Georgia Tech in 2007. A defensive lineman was
    blocked right into his knee. It was an eight month rehab program. He did an
    internship in the summer of 2008 that set him back, but he’s back this year.
  • The mental attitude of the team is fine. This is a very positive group.
    The Hokies just need to have a good game on Thursday. They are preparing
    well this week.
  • Wheeler, who is from Blacksburg, always wanted to play football at
    Virginia Tech. He’s basically living the dream right now.
  • UNC has one of the best defenses in the country. The Hokies have to take
    their intensity to another level.
  • He has two plays that go down as his best moment at Tech. The first was
    the long touchdown pass from Eddie Royal in the Chick-fil-A Bowl. The second
    was having a big game against East Carolina in the first game after April
  • The fans make Thursday night games special. It’s the best college
    atmosphere in the country.
  • The best defensive player Wheeler has gone up against was Matthias
    Kiwanuka of Boston College. He plays for the Giants now.
  • The team will be wearing orange jerseys on Thursday night against North

Frank Beamer

  • Beamer spoke about the chop blocking incidents with Georgia Tech. Beamer
    acknowledged that Paul Johnson had a great scheme for the Hokies when the
    teams met earlier this month.
  • Beamer also said: “All he has to do is look at the video that Doug
    Rhoades (the head of ACC officials) sends out, and they’re all there. I
    didn’t say they were intentionally doing anything. I’m saying when you block
    back towards the line of scrimmage you can’t come in there and chop. And on
    the last touchdown that’s what happened. And John Graves, we talked about
    him. He went out for the rest of the game. That play is on that tape too.
    You stand a guy up and then another guy comes and chops him, I think it’s
    dangerous. I think that’s the way they play. I’m not saying they are doing
    anything intentionally illegal, I’m not saying that at all. I’m saying those
    blocks in that game, I thought they were dangerous. I thought they were
    dangerous for Kam Chancellor and I thought it was dangerous for John Graves.
    And that’s all I’m saying.”
  • “I was on the rules committee for a number of years. I think we need
    to get the language different, or get the language right, so we don’t have
    these dangerous plays.”
  • Tech has had good practices this week. They have a good group of kids.
    They are playing a good football team on Thursday night. UNC has a great
    defense, and they’ve got some young, talented wide receivers. Tech has to
    play their very best.
  • Butch Davis has done a great job at UNC. They have been playing some very
    young players.
  • Mike Gentry is a valuable part of what Tech does. They get a lot of their
    on-field toughness from his strength and conditioning programs.
  • Beamer is all for opening the season against Boise State. They will be a
    very good opponent. They could go undefeated this year. It will be good to
    play on a Monday night.
  • Beamer likes back-to-back Thursday night games because it gives the team
    extra rest on the front end and the back end.
  • UNC’s front four is probably the best that the Hokies have played against
    this year. Their linebackers are also very good. They are a tough team. Tech
    has a tough game ahead of them.
  • Virginia Tech’s receivers are averaging 17.9 yards per catch this year.
    They are making big plays down the field. Dyrell Roberts leads the country
    in kickoff return average.
  • UNC will play their best game of the season this Thursday. They will be
    fired up coming into Blacksburg. Their defense is the real deal. Their
    offense has good players. They can make some plays. They have an experienced
    quarterback. This is a very capable UNC team.
  • Tech is in pretty good shape with their injuries. Stephan Virgil is
    looking good. John Graves is back practicing, and the staff feels good about
    Blake DeChristopher as well. The short break came at a good time.
  • Beamer wants to see more consistency down the stretch. The Hokies have
    beaten some good teams and they lost to two good teams. This team will
    continue to improve.
  • 10 wins would be great, yet again. It would be six consecutive 10-win
  • Demetrius Taylor is a very strong player, and he’s got exceptional
    quickness. He has no trouble holding his leverage, and his quickness can
    beat bigger guys. He’s a very good player and he’s really helping the team.
  • Summer recruiting camps are a benefit for Tech. You get to see prospects
    go one-on-one with other prospects. It helps the coaches decide who they
    want to offer.
  • There is still plenty of opportunity to do great things this year. This is
    a great group of guys.

Monday was Day 1,794 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.

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