2009-2010 Tech Talk Live Notes for 9/14/09

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Bryan Stinespring

  • The players did a great job, and all the credit goes to them. They got
    focused for this game and they played well.
  • Many players were already in the offices watching Alabama film on Sunday
    morning, despite not getting back from Atlanta until 4:30am.
  • Ryan Williams went the wrong way on his long screen pass. The screen went to
    the left, and he went right. He was still able to make the catch, reverse
    field and make a big play.
  • Williams changes directions very quickly. That makes him stand out in the
    open field. He can get to full speed quickly and he gets his shoulders north
    and south.
  • David Wilson still wears a tie to class every day. He’s a pleasure to be
    around, and obviously he’s a pleasure to have in the huddle.
  • Sam Wheeler played very well against Marshall. That’s one of the best games
    he’s ever played.
  • Greg Boone practiced on Monday. The coaching staff feels like he’ll be ready
    to go against Nebraska.
  • Ju-Ju Clayton did fine. He managed the game well. It’s good for him to get
    some game action.
  • Marcus Davis needs to have a couple of good things happen to him on the
    field to raise his confidence. He’s got a lot of talent, he just needs reps.
  • Darren Evans made a statement last season against Nebraska. It was a very
    physical game, and he was ready for it.
  • Nebraska has a very good defensive line, and their linebackers are very
    physical. This will be a tough game.
  • Tech needs to do better throwing the ball. They threw it pretty well against
    Marshall, but it needs to get better. They need to do a better job of hitting
    the deep ball downfield.

Jim Weaver

  • Fans need to get to the stadium early if they want to see the flyovers and
    Enter Sandman. Tech tries to get people in as quickly as possible, but if
    everyone is trying to enter right before the game, there are going to be
  • The playing surface isn’t quite as good this year as it was last year. The
    summer was cooler this year, so the growing season wasn’t as good for
    Bermuda grass.
  • Tech made the decision a few years back to not sell standing room only
    tickets for the corners of Lane Stadium. It congests those areas, and they
    are traffic areas.
  • Tech began to upgrade their schedule when they were in the Big East. They
    played Clemson, Texas A&M and LSU. They were going to play NC State and
    North Carolina, but ended up joining the ACC instead.
  • Wisconsin was going to be an opponent in 2008 and 2009, but they wanted
    out of the game after they had a coaching change. Weaver was able to get
    Nebraska to fill the slot.
  • Tech was surprised the ACC made the Miami game in late September this
    year. They had been playing the Canes in October or November.
  • The Monday night Labor Day telecast is the best time slot of the season,
    according to Weaver. He wants that spot for Virginia Tech so they can get
    more national exposure.
  • Nebraska fans are great, and Weaver hopes Tech fans will show the same
    hospitality that they were given in Lincoln last year. He hopes Tech fans
    won’t boo Nebraska as they run on the field.

Brent Bowden and Cam Martin

  • Bowden: He spent the offseason preparing himself mentally. It’s like
    golfers and baseball players. For a punter, it’s really a mental game.
  • Bowden: Bowden’s older brother punted for Florida State, and Brent
    basically learned from him.
  • Bowden: He played on the same team as Eddie Royal and Sean Glennon in high
    school, but with those two on the team Bowden didn’t have to punt much. It
    was Royal who encouraged the coaching staff to recruit Bowden.
  • Bowden: Bowden is a big guitar player. He plays a lot in his spare time.
  • Martin: The knee is getting better. Some mornings it aches when he wakes
    up, but it’s not too bad.
  • Martin: His experience makes him a good player. He watches a lot of film,
    and he knows what to look for when he sees certain formations.
  • Martin: Nebraska is big. They are a good team. They are a lot like the
  • Martin: Cam and Orion Martin grew up as Tech fans. Tech does a great job
    recruiting younger brothers because they always come to watch their older
    brother play, and they are won over by the Lane Stadium crowd.
  • Martin: Bud Foster’s preparations make him a great coordinator. It’s
    unbelievable how much he knows about the game and other team’s tendencies.
  • Martin: He loved the throwback white jerseys with the new helmets.
  • Bowden: He thinks the throwbacks are nice as well. He liked wearing them a
    lot last season. All-maroon is his favorite Tech uniform combination.
  • Martin: Martin likes all-white uniforms with the white cleats, but Lester
    Karlin hasn’t let them wear the white cleats with the white uniforms.
  • Bowden: He played soccer when he was younger, so he has always known how
    to kick a ball. Putting in the time is the key to being a good punter or
  • Martin: His best moment at GW-Danville was when they rallied from a
    two-touchdown deficit with five minutes left to beat Franklin County.
  • Martin: Nebraska is a storied program. The Hokies knocked them off last
    year, and they are hoping to do the same this year. It’s going to be a tough
  • Bowden: Games like this are the reason players come to Tech. They want to
    play against teams like Nebraska.
  • Bowden: It was a lot of fun playing at Nebraska last year. Clemson has
    been his favorite place to play so far.
  • Martin: His favorite place is at UVA. It’s fun watching the fans leave
  • Martin: Martin has already graduated, so he is only taking two online
    classes this semester. He doesn’t have to leave the house until he goes to
  • Martin: His degree is in business management, but he really wants to get
    into coaching at the collegiate level. He’s talked to Coach Hite about being
    a grad assistant at Tech. His father and uncle were coaches.
  • Bowden: He graduated in Interdisciplinary Studies in the spring, and he’s
    now working on a degree in Business Information Technology. He only has
    classes on Tuesday and Thursday, so his other days are a breeze.
  • Martin: His brother Orion was at the Marshall game. He’s back home now and
    trying to figure out what he wants to do next.
  • Bowden: His younger brother, Grant Bowden, is a freshman punter at Tech.
    He’s got to calm down and put in the work, and he’s got plenty of potential.

Frank Beamer

  • Tech needed a game like they got this past Saturday. It makes you excited
    to see all of those freshmen making plays.
  • Ryan Williams has great vision and ability. He can run with power too. He
    and David Wilson combined to break 21 tackles against Marshall.
  • Tyrod Taylor is doing fine. Tech has to continue to work on pass
    protection. The more they get settled there, the more Taylor will get
    settled. Beamer isn’t worried about Tyrod. The Hokies need to get better
    around him, and he’ll get better as a result.
  • The Marshall coach told Beamer that he thought the Hokies were really
  • Cam Martin is toughing it out. He appreciates things more now since he has
    to deal with that knee.
  • Greg Boone practiced full on Monday, but he’s got a little ways to go.
    Hopefully he’ll have a good week and be ready for Saturday.
  • They won’t know Stephan Virgil’s status until later in the week.
  • Rashad Carmichael was the coaches’ defensive player of the game. He had an
    excellent game. He played fast and played tough. Eddie Whitley has good
    football sense. He played a good game. Cris Hill had his moments as well.
  • Eddie Whitley is playing both corner and safety. They haven’t decided
    where his long-term position is.
  • Lorenzo William is redshirting this year. They want to try to get him
    closer to the line of scrimmage. (Editor’s note: that likely means a move
    to whip linebacker in the spring)
  • The coaching staff is really high on Antone Exum. He’s redshirting this
  • The Nebraska passing game is impressive. Tech did a good job of shutting
    down the running game last year. You have to make them one dimensional.
    Getting pressure will be key, but that is tough because Nebraska has a good
    offensive line.
  • Alabama was a very good team. Tech is good, but they were probably a
    little too young in certain spots to beat Alabama. They were definitely one
    of the best teams Tech has ever played.
  • The Hokies like the throwback jersey, and they are in the process of
    trying to make it their full-time jersey. However, they will have to work
    with Nike to do that.
  • Ju-Ju Clayton and Logan Thomas made some good throws in the scrimmage on
    Monday. They will both continue to get better.
  • There are no plans to add West Virginia back to the schedule. That got a
    little too heated. It wasn’t the players and the coaches, it was what
    happened in the stands.
  • Justin Myer did a great job with his kickoffs against Marshall. Tech was a
    little sloppy with their coverage late in the game, however. The players
    weren’t playing as hard because of the score at that point.
  • Tech has to tackle this week. Nebraska likes to throw it, and Tech has to
    limit yards after the catch.
  • Nebraska is still a physical team. You have to buckle your chinstrap and
    get ready to play a tough game.

Monday was Day 1,752 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.

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