Hokie Hotline Notes for 2/9/09

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The Hokie Hotline (football and basketball season)

When: Every Monday from 7:00-9:00 during football season, 7:00-8:00 during basketball season.

Where: Click here for a list of radio stations, and to find the link for listening to the show on the Internet (look to the right on the hokiesports.com page that loads when you click the link). You can see the show in person at Awful Arthur’s in Blacksburg.

Seth Greenberg

  • NC State was a good win. You don’t want to dig yourself an 18-point hole very
    often, but that game was what the ACC is all about. There have been a number of
    big comebacks in the ACC. There is no quit in the players and coaches in this
  • The Hokies showed the resiliency to make plays and get stops when they needed
    to in the second half. They had to battle a lot of obstacles.
  • NC State made some tough shots to get out to their big first half lead. The
    Hokies started shooting the ball too quickly once they fell behind. Tech didn’t
    make State react to them defensively. Their post players were able to catch the
    ball too deep in the post.
  • If Greenberg had it to do over again, he would double team Tracy Smith in the
    post. Ben McCauley is hard to double team because he’s such a good passer.
  • Greenberg didn’t like Tech’s shot selection in the first half. They were
    playing too fast, and at times had the wrong people shooting the ball. Jeff
    Allen got in foul trouble, and that hurt. However, the biggest thing was poor
  • Greenberg wished the technical foul had never happened. You don’t want to
    give away two points in a close game. He was upset on a foul called on Victor
    Davila the play before, and then obviously wasn’t pleased about the foul called
    on Delaney.
  • Victor Davila is going to be really good. He’s got good footwork and he can
    score. Greenberg needs to get his motor running a little bit more and get him
  • If Tech doesn’t rebound the ball in their next game, it could get ugly.
    Georgia Tech is an excellent rebounding team. They go to the glass really hard.
    Tech has to go after rebounds and force turnovers. The Yellow Jackets don’t do a
    good job of protecting the ball.
  • Georgia Tech is an extremely athletic team. They have gotten a lot better
    since Mo Miller returned from injury. They have lost three ACC games in
    overtime. They are much better than their record indicates.
  • Hank Thorns is doing alright. He did not have a concussion after the big hit
    he took on Sunday. He’s a little bit shaken up, but he practiced on Monday.
  • Malcolm Delaney is playing at a high level right now, but he’s turning it
    over a bit too much. He’s got to be stronger with the ball and keep his dribble
    alive a little better.
  • Tech’s recruits are playing well this year. Ben Boggs is hurt, but no one has
    a better work ethic, and he’ll get to where he was before the injury. Manny
    Atkins is having a very good senior season, and Erick Green has been playing
    well also. Cadarian Raines’ Petersburg team is undefeated.
  • Terrell Bell played some big minutes on Sunday. He had a big block and
    breakaway layup in overtime, and he also secured the opening tip in overtime,
    which set the stage for a fast start.
  • The Hokies have to do a much better job in defensive transition against
    Georgia Tech. The first five minutes of the NC State game was pretty bad.
    Georgia Tech’s post players really run the court hard, so the Hokies have to do
    the same.
  • VT isn’t the only team that has lost some close games this year. Close games
    are the norm in the ACC, and around the country as well. ACC teams play really
    hard and they don’t quit. Who would have thought Clemson would have blown a
    19-point second half lead to Florida State at home?
  • When playing Georgia Tech, you have to make Gani Lawal move to catch the
    basketball. You can’t let him catch it down deep. The Yellow Jackets’ post
    players turn the ball over a lot, so you have to double team them because you
    expect them to turn the ball over.
  • Gary Williams is a great coach. It’s ridiculous that he’s taking so much heat
    at Maryland this year. He has won a National Championship there. He has done a
    great job of tweaking his offense to fit his personnel this year.
  • You want to create a winning culture, and you want to create a winning
    environment. Cassell Coliseum is a winning environment. It’s a great homecourt
    advantage. It helps the Hokies win.
  • Dorenzo Hudson made a big play when he finished off the break on Sunday. He’s
    got to get his shot release a little bit quicker and a little bit higher. That’s
    something the coaches are currently working on with him.
  • Greenberg’s goal is to get J.T. Thompson playing similar to Sam Young of
    Pitt. He needs to attack, be confident shooting the jump shot, and be a
    hard-nosed, aggressive player.
  • Thompson has a chance to step up and be Tech’s fourth scorer. Hudson and Bell
    need to combine for 12 or 14 points per game. Thompson has to be that 8-10 point
    per game guy. Victor Davila is another guy who can score, but his playing time
    will depend on matchups. Once he gets to the point where Greenberg can play him
    more, Davila is going to be a big-time post scorer.
  • Malcolm Delaney hit a huge jumper from the left wing in overtime. Jeff Allen
    did a great job of setting the screen for that play. He got a great angle.
  • Greenberg believes anyone with a .500 record in the ACC this year will get in
    the NCAA tournament. They are the #1 league in the RPI. With so many Top 50
    teams in the ACC this year, 8-8 should give you enough quality wins to get an
    invitation. It’s not like that every year, but this year is a little bit
  • Tech can’t worry about the NCAA tournament. They have to stay in the present.
    If they don’t stay in the present, things can go south quickly.
  • Tech is #1 in the ACC in conference games in field goal percentage. However,
    they are just 10th in field goal percentage defense. That stat doesn’t sit well
    with Greenberg. The Hokies are winning in a different way this year, but they’ve
    got to improve defensively. They’ve also got to box out and prevent offensive
    rebounds. It’s tough to guard a second shot.
  • Tech has won a lot of games in just 4+ years in the ACC, but they can’t take
    a step back. Winning is the first thing that gives you credibility. The new
    practice facility will give Tech something tangible to show a recruit. The
    Hokies won’t have to walk a recruit through “Michael Vick Hall”
    anymore. The new building will reflect the commitment that the school has made
    to basketball.

Monday was Day 1,535 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.

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