2007-08 Hokie Hotline Notes for 11/12/07

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Bryan Stinespring

  • It’s been rewarding to see how the offense has progressed over the last
    few games. They have had to overcome a lot, and they have.
  • For three weeks in a row, the Hokies have rushed for more yards against
    BC, Georgia Tech and Florida State than any of those teams’ other opponents
    have managed this year. The line is healthier, and Branden Ore is healthier.
    Tyrod Taylor also helped quite a bit against FSU.
  • Defenses have to account for Taylor, such as using a spy on him. That
    opens up seams in the defense for other plays.
  • Justin Harper and Tyrod Taylor read the blitz perfectly on the first
  • Josh Morgan is also playing very well. He has scored four touchdowns in
    the last four games. He made a great play on the ball in the corner of the
    end zone.
  • On Taylor’s touchdown run, he had the option to run or throw. The middle
    of FSU’s defense opened up, so he ran it in.
  • There was some great blocking on Tyrod Taylor’s run on third and 31. Duane
    Brown was leading him downfield.
  • Ike Whitaker is doing a nice job at wide receiver. However at this point,
    all the attention is going to the guys who will see game action. This spring
    will be big for Whitaker.
  • Jahre Cheeseman has come in the last two weeks and done a nice job. The
    staff has discussed him, and they feel like they should probably get him in
    the game some more. He’s also doing a very good job on special teams.
  • When FSU came back and took the lead, it showed the character of this team
    to be able to come back and get the win. Especially with the past history
    against the Noles.

Jim Weaver

  • The NCAA peer review team is in town this week as part of the
    certification process. It’s a busy week for the athletic department.
  • The noon time slot for the UVA game is fine with Weaver. The coaching
    staff would rather play earlier in the day than later in the day.
  • Coach Bowden noted that it was one of the three most physical games he has
    ever been a part of.
  • There was a great deal of mutual respect from the players on both teams.
  • Weaver was very pleased with the crowd for the opening games for men’s and
    women’s basketball.
  • The Virginia Tech men’s soccer team will get a bye in the first round of
    the ACC tournament. They will face Maryland in the second round. That match
    will take place this Wednesday at noon.
  • Jim Weaver had no problem with the students rushing the field after the
    FSU game. They deserved it. As long as the goal posts are taken down before
    they get on the field, it’s okay.
  • Weaver said he had been around college football for 41 years, and he’s
    never seen an athlete as young as Tyrod Taylor be as poised.
  • Tyrod Taylor was ACC Rookie of the Week for football, and Jeff Allen was
    ACC Rookie of the Week for basketball. The Hokies have some good young
    players in both of their major programs.
  • It appears that the Gator Bowl is leaning towards taking a Big 12 team
    this year. Texas might be available for the Gator to take. That would be
    very attractive for them.
  • It will be Senior Day on Saturday. It will be a special day.

Frank Beamer

  • Beamer is proud that the team kept their composure after the third quarter
    and dominated the fourth. They are still in the ACC Championship race, and
    that’s the most important thing.
  • The
    previous three games against FSU, the Hokies matched up well, but they didn’t
    get it done. This time they did.
  • Sean Glennon and Tyrod Taylor both have the ability to win football games,
    however their ability to win comes in different areas. It’s a matchup thing.
    They’ll continue to play it week by week and the opposing defense.
  • It’s not like the quarterbacks are auditioning. The staff is just trying
    to get the best out of each player. Taylor and Glennon are handling it well.
  • The Hokies have been able to throw the ball well the last two games, and
    that has helped the running game. Getting Wang at tackle and Marshman at
    guard really helps as well.
  • Beau Warren and Brett Warren have stepped in and done a great job. They
    were needed, and they stepped up.
  • Chris Ellis had a terrific game against FSU. He was all over the
    quarterback, and he scored a touchdown.
  • There was great effort from everyone on Tyrod’s long run. Duane Brown and
    Branden Ore were throwing key blocks, and the receivers locked up the
    defensive backs down field.
  • Beamer wanted to go for it on fourth and one from the FSU 38, but he
    decided to play the field position game and punt. It worked out well for the
  • The team is getting healthier. Vince Hall is back. Eddie Royal looked good
    on Monday, and so did Branden Ore. Ryan Shuman should be good to go as well.
  • On FSU’s fake punt, it was a run/kick option. The punter had the option to
    punt the ball or run it. The field was open, so he decided to run it. The
    Hokies didn’t contain it well.
  • Beamer has no strong feelings towards helmet to helmet hits. If the
    quarterback is running, he’s no different than a running back, and running
    backs get hit helmet to helmet all the time.
  • Beamer isn’t worried about the team overlooking Miami for Virginia. The
    Tech players know what kind of athletes Miami puts on the field.
  • Beamer thinks Clemson will beat Boston College on Saturday night. BC has
    some banged up linebackers, and the game is at Clemson. The Tigers have some
    great talent.
  • This senior class has a chance to have four 10-win seasons. No other VT
    senior class has done that. That would be a great accomplishment.
  • Miami has some excellent young running backs in their program. They are
    very athletic across the board, and they have receivers who make big plays.
    They also have some future NFL guys on defense like Calais Campbell.
  • Miami will come in and play very hard. Their backs are against the wall.

Monday was Day 1,073 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.