TSL Participating in MDA Lockup for Second Year in a Row

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Last year, TechSideline.com ventured into a new area, raising money for the
Muscular Dystrophy Association by participating in the MDA’s yearly
“Lockup.” Last year, we raised over $4,000 for MDA, and it was so
successful that we promised them we’d do it again this year. The time has

We’re participating in a Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Lock-up event on
Thursday, November 15th. Yours truly (TSL GM Will Stewart) be thrown into a maximum security jail (cleverly
disguised as a Comfort Inn), and the only way I can get out is to raise money for “bail” for MDA. I’m counting on you, TSL’s readers and subscribers, to
donate enough money to get me out.

This is a fundraiser, of course, one that we participated in last year, and
it was a huge success, bringing in $4,156.
TSL has gotten so huge over the years, that with the number of people we
reach, raising money for charitable causes should be easy. We really think that
TSL’s vast, generous readership can make a lot of difference in the community,
and this is your chance to prove us right.

This year, we have set a goal of $5,000, but there’s a complication: We’re
getting a late start. Last year, we raised funds for three weeks before the
lockup. This year (if you can read a calendar, as we know all TSL’ers can),
you’ll notice that we’ve only got one week to raise funds. So we have to hit the
ground running, full speed.

It’s very simple: just click on the link below to make a donation and help me
get out of jail that day. Every dollar donated by TSL’s readership through the
link below will be collected together and credited to my “bail”
(TechSideline.com’s donation to the MDA) and will be used to help LOCAL MDA
families. This particular lockup event is to benefit the Radford/Dublin/Pulaski

Here are some other notes and details:

  • The link below enables you to donate via credit card only (VISA, MC, AMEX,
    and Discover). If you prefer to make a donation by check or cash, click the
    “Donation Slip” button at the bottom of the page linked below.
  • All donations are tax deductible (by you, not me or TechSideline.com) as a
    charitable contribution.
  • My bail goal of $5,000 is very modest, and the TSL faithful should be able
    to donate much, much more than that. If every TSL reader donates just $10
    … holy smokes, that would be a lot of money.
  • For details on what your donation will be used for, see the “What
    Your Money Will Buy” button located at the link below. There are also
    links for “MDA Local Services” and the “MDA Website”.

To donate by credit card: Click below.

Please contribute, even if
it’s a small amount — individuals, consider donating $25 or more, and
businesses, please consider donating $100 or more.

Last year, TSL was the top donor of the event, with $4,156 raised (as noted
above). When I walk into jail on November 15th, I want it to be as the top donor in
this lockup event for the second year in a row, and the money won’t be donated in my name; it will be donated
in the name of the TechSideline.com community.

Thanks for your help!

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