Annoying Ads: Are You Seeing Them on TSL?

Here on, we generally prefer NOT to serve annoying ads. Ads that flash, ads that autoplay videos (especially with sound), ads that pop up and/or take over your screen … we try to avoid serving these ads, because we find them as annoying and distracting as you do.

But we don’t really have control over all that. Most of the ads you see on are served from third-party ad networks, which means they come from somewhere else and aren’t directly served by us (the exceptions are our in-house sponsors, which can be seen on our Sponsors Page). From time to time, an annoying or malicious ad sneaks through the ad networks and gets served on our site. Here’s how to handle it when you’re seeing an ad that you think is out of line.

How to help us get rid of annoying ads

Send us an email at “staff at techsideline dot com” (spelled out the right way, of course) and give us as much information on the ad as you can.

First, tell us:

  • Are you using a computer, tablet, or phone when you see the ad? (Identify the device you’re using.)
  • Have you seen the ad a lot of times, or just once?

Then tell us things like:

  • What size is the ad?
  • What ad spot is it serving in?
  • What does the ad look like? (Send us a screen shot or screen cap, if you know how.)
  • Can you tell who the advertiser is? (For example, on autoplay videos, which we try not to run, does the video network identify itself?)

If you’re a decently sophisticated internet user, you can also answer:

  • What’s the destination URL of the ad link?
  • If the ad is an image ad (not a flash ad or video), what’s the URL (address) of the image?

Be careful about using terms like “pop-up” to describe the ad, unless the ad is TRULY a pop-up — a new window that opens up to serve the ad.

Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for supporting!