Tech’s 2013 ACC Opponents Announced

Chris Coleman,, on January 11, 2013
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The ACC announced the opponents for next season’s football schedule earlier today.  Though we don’t know exactly when the Hokies will play each team, we do know who they will be playing and where.

Because Syracuse and Pittsburgh will be joining the ACC, some conference teams will be forced to make some of the same trips they made a season ago.  Unfortunately, Virginia Tech is one of those teams.  The Hokies will have to play at Boston College and at Miami for the second year in a row.  To make up for it, the ACC decided to send Duke to Blacksburg for the second consecutive season (yes, that’s sarcasm you’re sensing).

The ACC’s schedule is pretty simple: each team plays three road division games, three home division games, one crossover home game and one crossover away game.  Here’s how Virginia Tech’s schedule breaks down…

Home: Duke, UNC, Pitt, Maryland
Road: Georgia Tech, Miami, Virginia, Boston College

The Hokies avoid the two most talented teams in the league – Florida State and Clemson.  However, from an entertainment standpoint, Tech fans will miss out on two potentially attractive games.  Tech will also not play NC State, which would be an attractive border matchup.

There are things to like about that schedule, and things to not like about it.

The Good

This is a pretty easy schedule.  Those teams combined to go 44-56 a season ago, although Pitt, UNC and Miami all managed to beat Virginia Tech.  After going 7-6 in 2012, the Hokies need to get back to their winning ways.  I’d prefer to beat Florida State or Clemson, but this is the easier road to the ACC Championship Game.  The goal is, afterall, to make a BCS Bowl.

The Bad

When you combine Tech’s home conference schedule with their home non-conference schedule, it looks like this…

Western Carolina

That’s pretty boring.  The Hokies will play their usual Thursday night home game, and I imagine it will be against UNC or Pitt, though Maryland could potentially be an option.  That leaves just one good Saturday game – either Pitt or UNC – and that really depends on your definition of “good”.  If I had to guess, I’d say UNC will be on Thursday night, but that’s pure speculation on my part.

Virginia Tech’s sellout streak is still intact, going all the way back to the UVA game at the close of the 1998 season.  However, with the way the 2012 season went, could that sellout streak be in jeopardy against Western Carolina or Marshall?  We’ll find out in September.


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