“Hokie News” Sports Feed Notes

This page explains how our “Hokie News” Sports Feed page works.

  • Our Hokie News page displays a combination of RSS feeds from various sources. (See the list below.)
  • Note that all stories are picked up from RSS feeds from the sources, per their categorization of their own articles. We don’t control it.
  • If you see an article in the feed that looks like it doesn’t belong, click it anyway; it’s probably got some VT-related info in it.
  • If you find an article that doesn’t belong, please don’t email us to complain. It’s not our fault. It’s the fault of the source for mis-categorizing their own articles.
  • Likewise, if you find articles that are out of sequence, or repeated, it’s not our fault … they’re coming from the sources that way.
  • Please note that some of the links will go to pay articles; again, that’s not our fault, we’re just providing the feeds.
  • To suggest articles from a source you like, email us at [email protected], and we’ll take a look.

Sources currently included in our VT Sports Feed:

  • Roanoke Times (and by extension its media partners that run the same content)
  • Newport News Daily Press
  • Richmond Times-Dispatch (and its media partners)
  • David Teel’s “Teel Time” (seasonal; not always included)
  • HokieSports.com football, men’s basketball, and Roth Report feeds
  • TheKeyPlay.com
  • TechHoops.com
  • GobblerCountry.com (SBNation site)