Virginia Tech Football Roster 2021 Status and Projection

This page lists all Virginia Tech scholarship football players from the 2020 season-opening roster, the 2021 recruiting class signees, and their status and projections for the 2021 season.

Note that this is not intended to be a complete, accurate, up to date roster or depth chart.

Players are sorted by position and are listed by number, name, 2021 class (all players got a free year in 2020, so their 2021 class is the same as their 2020 class), and status.

All players who are marked out have announced that they are not returning for the 2021 season.  Just because a player isn’t marked out does not mean that he is returning.  It just means that he hasn’t made an announcement.  For seniors who have not made an announcement, we have noted whether or not they chose to participate in Senior Day ceremonies before the UVA game.

For some members of the 2021 recruiting class, we had to simply guess what position they will play.  Also, enrollment dates aren’t official at this point in time.

Also, note that walk-ons are not included.

Recent updates:

  • 1/5/2021 – OG Lecitus Smith will return for 2021
  • 1/6/2021 – DT Dashawn Crawford will return for 2021
  • 1/7/2021- QB Hendon Hooker announced he’ll transfer to Tennessee.
  • 1/12/2021 – DT Jordan Williams transfers from Clemson to Virginia Tech.
  • 1/13/2021 – QB/ATH Connor Blumrick transfers from Texas A&M to Virginia Tech.
  • 1/18/2021 – OL Brock Hoffman will return for 2021, OL Austin Cannon will not return in 2021
  • 1/21/2021 – Added DT Jaden Cunningham to returning players list

Virginia Tech Football Roster 2021 Status and Projection


2 Hendon Hooker rJr. – Transferring to Tennessee

3 Braxton Burmeister rJr. –

4 Quincy Patterson II rSo. – Transferred out to North Dakota State

12 Knox Kadum rFr. –

Connor Blumrick rJr. – transfer from Texas A&M

Tahj Bullock – Summer enrollee

Running Backs

0 Jalen Holston rJr. –

6 Raheem Blackshear rJr. –

21 Khalil Herbert Gr. – Declared for the NFL Draft

24 Terius Wheatley rJr. –

26 Jordan Brunson Fr. –

29 Marco Lee Jr. –

35 Keshawn King So. –

36 Jalen Hampton Fr. –

39 Tahj Gary rFr. –

Chance Black – Summer enrollee

Kenji Christian – Summer enrollee

Malachi Thomas – Summer enrollee

Offensive Linemen

52 Austin Cannon rSr. – will *not* return in 2021

54 Lecitus Smith rJr. – will return in 2021

58 Walker Culver rSo. – retired from football due to injuries

60 Silas Dzansi rJr. –

61 Bryan Hudson So. – transferred to Louisville

68 Kaden Moore Fr. –

69 Luke Tenuta rSo. –

70 Parker Clements Fr. –

71 T.J. Jackson rSr. – entered the transfer portal

72 Jesse Hanson rFr. –

74 Doug Nester So. – transferred to West Virginia

75 Zachariah Hoyt rSr. – participated in Senior Day ceremonies

76 Brock Hoffman rJr. – will return for 2021

77 Christian Darrisaw Jr. – declared for the NFL Draft

79 Tyrell Smith Gr. – participated in Senior Day ceremonies

Johnny Jordan, Sr. – grad transfer from Maryland

Danijel Miletic – January enrollee

Bryce Goodner – Summer enrollee

Tight Ends

82 James Mitchell Jr. – Mitchell announced that he would return to VT for 2021.

86 Nick Gallo So. –

89 Drake DeIuliis rJr. –

91 Wilfried Pene Fr. –

Jack Hollifield – January enrollee

Jared Gibble – January enrollee

Wide Receivers

11 Tré Turner Jr. –

14 Evan Fairs Gr. – did not participate in Senior Day ceremonies

16 Darryle Simmons rSo. – entered the transfer portal

80 Kaleb Smith rSo. –

81 Dallan Wright Fr. –

83 Tayvion Robinson So. –

85 Changa Hodge Sr. – participated in Senior Day ceremonies

85 Jaden Payoute rFr. –

87 Tyree Saunders Fr. –

88 Elijah Bowick rFr. – entered the transfer portal

Jaylen Jones – January enrollee

Da’Wain Lofton – January enrollee

Christian Moss – Summer enrollee

DJ Sims – Summer enrollee

Defensive Linemen

5 Jarrod Hewitt rSr. – declared for the NFL Draft

8 Emmanuel Belmar rSr. – will return for 2021

9 Justus Reed Gr. – declared for the NFL Draft

13 Zion Debose rJr. –

36 DaShawn Crawford Sr. – will return for 2021

38 Amaré Barno rJr. –

41 Jaylen Griffin rJr. –

45 TyJuan Garbutt rJr. –

46 Eli Adams rSo. –

51 Robert Wooten Fr. –

56 Justin Beadles Fr. –

58 Josh Fuga rFr. –

92 Jaden Cunningham rJr. – 

93 Mario Kendricks So. –

95 Derrell Bailey Jr., Fr.- 

96 Norell Pollard So. –

98 Alec Bryant Fr. –

Cole Nelson – Summer enrollee

Mattheus Carroll – Summer enrollee

Desmond Mamudi – Summer enrollee

Jordan Williams rJr. – Transfer from Clemson


4 Dax Hollifield Jr. –

15 Keshon Artis rSo. –

23 Rayshard Ashby Sr. – declared for the NFL Draft

34 Alan Tisdale rSo. –

47 Dean Ferguson rFr. –

Isi Etute – January enrollee

Jaden Keller – Summer enrollee

Keli Lawson – Summer enrollee

William Johnson – Summer enrollee

Defensive Backs

12 Nadir Thompson rSo. –

17 Divine Deablo rSr. – declared for the NFL Draft

18 Tyree Rodgers rSr. –

19 J.R. Walker rFr. –

20 Ny’Quee Hawkins rFr. –

22 Chamarri Conner Jr. –

24 Devin Taylor rSr. – did not participate in Senior Day ceremonies

27 Armani Chatman rSo. –

28 Jermaine Waller Jr. –

31 Nasir Peoples rSo. –

33 Keonta Jenkins Fr. –

37 Brion Murray Jr. –

44 Dorian Strong Fr. –

48 Lakeem Rudolph Fr. –

Tae Daley, Sr. – Grad transfer from Vanderbilt

Nykelius Johnson – January enrollee

Jalen Stroman – January enrollee

Jalen Hoyle – January enrollee

Da’Shawn Elder – January enrollee

Elijah Howard – Summer enrollee

DJ Harvey – Summer enrollee


93 Brian Johnson rSr. – participated in Senior Day ceremonies

96 John Parker Romo Sr. – did not participate in Senior Day ceremonies


91 Oscar Bradburn Sr. – participated in Senior Day ceremonies

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