2010 Virginia Tech Football Schedule/Results

The 2010 Virginia Tech Football Schedule, including dates, times, television information, and links to TechSideline.com’s coverage for each game.

Record: 11-3 (8-0 ACC Champions)
Final Rankings: #16 AP, #15 USA Today Coaches’, #13 BCS

Sep. 6
Boise State 33, VT 30
Record: 0-1 (0-0 ACC)
8 PMESPNPreview
Scouting Report
Monday Thoughts
RH Analysis
Sep. 11
JMU 21, VT 16
Record: 0-2 (0-0 ACC)
1:30 PMESPN3.comPreview
Monday Thoughts
RH Analysis
Sep. 18
VT 49, ECU 27
Record: 1-2 (0-0 ACC)
1:30 PMESPN3.comPreview
Monday Thoughts
RH Analysis
Sep. 25
VT 19, BC 0
Record: 2-2 (1-0 ACC)
noonACC NetworkPreviewMonday Thoughts
Oct. 2
VT 41, NC State 30
Record; 3-2 (2-0 ACC)
3:30 PMABCPreviewMonday Thoughts
RH Analysis
Oct. 9
VT 45, C. Michigan 21
Record: 4-2 (2-0 ACC)
noonESPNUPreviewMonday Thoughts
RH Analysis
Oct. 16
VT 52, Wake Forest 21
Record: 5-2 (3-0 ACC)
3:30ESPNUPreviewMonday Thoughts
Oct. 23
VT 44, Duke 7
Record: 6-2 (4-0 ACC)
noonACC NetworkPreviewMonday Thoughts 1
Monday Thoughts 2
Nov. 4 (Th)
VT 28, Georgia Tech 21
Record: 7-2 (5-0 ACC)
7:30ESPNPreviewMonday Thoughts
RH Analysis
Nov. 13
VT 26, UNC 10
Record: 8-2 (6-0 ACC)
3:30ABCPreviewMonday Thoughts
Nov. 20
VT 31, Miami 17
Record: 9-2 (7-0 ACC)
3:30ESPN/ABCPreviewMonday Thoughts
Nov. 27
VT 37, Virginia 7
Record: 10-2 (8-0 ACC)
noonACC NetworkPreviewMonday Thoughts
Dec 4
ACC Championship Game
VT 44, Florida State 33
Record: 11-2 (8-0 ACC)
7:45 PMESPNPreviewMonday Thoughts
Jan 3
Discover Orange Bowl
Stanford 40, VT 12
Record: 11-3 (8-0 ACC)
8:00 PMESPNPreviewMonday Thoughts
RH Analysis

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