Reach Tens of Thousands of Hokie Fans: Advertise on Tech Sideline

We have an exciting way to get your business in front of tens of thousands of Virginia Tech fans: advertise on Tech Sideline (TSL) with a TSL sponsorship.

Tech Sideline Analytics

TSL reaches huge numbers of Hokie fans across a wide variety of channels and platforms.

We are uniquely positioned to get your message out to Virginia Tech fans via the written word, pictures, graphics, audio, and video.

Tech Sideline Sponsorship Packages

Contact Will Stewart at [email protected], and learn today how we can get your business in front of the rabid Hokie Nation … the rabid TSL Nation.


What Does It Look Like When I Advertise on Tech Sideline?

Click here to download a PDF showing what a TSL sponsorship looks like on our site, social media, and our podcast. The example shown is for the Richmond Raceway.


About Our Readers readers are affluent, and they pay close attention to who advertises on Advertise with us, and they’ll seek you out when the time comes.

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Our Readers Support Our Sponsors

These are actual responses from our May 2015 demographic survey.

“Hell yes, I would buy from a TSL sponsor!”

“If I can, I’d rather have my business go to someone who is supporting TSL as a sponsor.”

“I support those that support TSL.”

“All else equal, I’d definitely prefer to buy from a TSL sponsor. I buy VT items online for relatives, and I specifically buy them from Campus Emporium because they sponsor TSL. There are plenty of places I could get that stuff, but I don’t really have a reason to choose one retailer over another. If they advertise on TSL, though, that’s a good enough reason for me.”

“I always make a point of checking out TSL sponsors first if I needed the service or product they provided. I usually look at [TSL sponsor] Campus Emporium first before looking at other providers of Hokies apparel.”

“Love TSL and go out of my way to support their sponsors.”

“I absolutely consider our support of TSL to be a key element of our Hokie spirit. If any merchant/advertiser out there were to express an affiliation with TSL, I would be significantly more inclined to support them as well.”

“I’m HIGHLY likely to buy from a TSL sponsor. For example, all of my VT gear comes from Campus Emporium.”

“As a rabid NASCAR fan I understand the importance of sponsorship and I support sponsors of my interests (i.e.”


What Our Sponsors Say

“Campus Emporium has been a sponsor of for almost six years, and we have seen many benefits from working with a company with the great reputation and loyalty that has developed with its fan base. We have actually had customers note that they began and continue doing business with us because of our relationship with We always receive fast feedback and communication from TSL and are thrilled to be a sponsor!”
—  Gwen Sheldon, Campus Emporium


“I am very happy with my TSL sponsorship. Will Stewart and his staff are very easy to work with. Our business has increased during the time of my sponsorship, and I have little doubt that our TSL exposure contributed to that.”
— Jonathan P. Fisher, Esq., The Fisher Law Firm, P.C.


“The YMCA at Virginia Tech views as the “express Lane” to Hokie Nation. We recently used TSL as one of several venues to promote our season ticket raffle. TSL provided us with some of the strongest results. TSL was helpful and easy to work with. We look forward to future partnership opportunities with TSL.”
— Ron Ovelgoenner, YMCA at Virginia Tech