Ticket Exchange Board Policies

This page contains information about’s two ticket exchange boards, how to use them, what the rules are, and why those rules exist.

Where and How to Post

To get to our ticket boards, select the board you want from the “Message Boards” menu.

We have two ticket exchange boards:

  • Non-Subscriber Ticket Board: You don’t need to subscribe to our site to read or post here. To register, click the Sign Up link in the header of the site, and select the “ Free Account” option when registering.
  • TSL Pass Ticket Board: This is a forum where our paid subscribers can buy and sell tickets to each other, for the added security of selling to and buying from other paid subscribers. A TSL Pass subscription is only $5.99 a month. Click here to subscribe.

When you post, state clearly in the subject line of your post if you are buying or selling tickets, and for what game.

  • Good subject line: “Two Tickets Needed for Duke Game” or “Selling Four Tickets and parking pass to Miami Game”
  • Bad subject line: “Tickets” or “Help Needed” or “Grandson coming into town”

Inside the body of your post, remember to leave your contact information, either a cell phone number or an email address. People can’t contact you if you don’t leave your information!

What are’s Ticket Exchange Board Rules?

As stated at the top of the boards, here are our rules:

The purpose of our ticket boards is to connect buyers with sellers. It is not a forum for those seeking to profit from the buying and selling of game tickets.


  • Asking greater than face value on this board is prohibited. If you wish to ask higher than face value when selling tickets, please do so in outside negotiations, not here on this board.
  • Face value for 2017 football: Clemson: $110; UNC, Duke, and Pitt: $65; ODU and Delaware: $45
  • State clearly in the subject line if you are buying or selling, what game, and how many tickets.
  • Don’t forget to leave contact info (email and/or cell phone) in your post.

Why Do These Rules Exist?

We used to allow the free market to reign: people could ask whatever price they wanted, and whatever others were willing to pay. But over time, as people asked more than face value for tickets, it led to fights and bickering on the boards.  It usually started with a seller asking, say, $100 per ticket for $35 game tickets, and someone would respond, “A true Hokie wouldn’t charge other Hokies more than face value!” …. and off we’d go, with a big, acrimonious fight.

So to avoid this, we instituted the policy of disallowing asking for more than face value on the boards. We don’t care what you do off-site, in email negotiations or whatever, just don’t do it on our boards, so fights won’t ensue. If you want to ask more than face value, just post “Clemson Tickets for sale, email [email protected],” and then negotiate via email.

What about the per-seat minimums? Can’t I ask over face value to recoup my ticket cost and donation cost? Good question, but … no. Good seats have always required a donation. Virginia Tech’s new per-seat minimums for 2017-18 didn’t create anything new in that regard, it just formalized the donation level required to get into a particular section.

So, once again, only ask face value on these boards.  If you want to charge more than face value, do it off-site.

Thank you, and good luck buying and selling tickets!