Virginia Tech Program Analysis, Part 1

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Justin Fuente, Virginia Tech
Justin Fuente must strive to do a better job with certain sections of the fanbase. (Ivan Morozov)

I think most of the news is behind Tech and things have largely settled down—the coaches are hired, transfers out are likely going to be guys on the bottom of the depth chart, and 2020 recruiting is largely wrapped—so I’ve been thinking about this year and the state of the program. I’ve got my thoughts below, with Fuente on his own and the assistant coaches clumped with their position groups.

I’m just going with my observations that jumped out at as important, so this isn’t going to be an exhaustive look. I’ll buttress my opinion with other metrics where appropriate. Most fans don’t have access to Pro Football Focus grades, so I’ll lean on them for individual player performance in things like passing, blocking, and catching. With PFF’s 0-100 scoring system, an overall good player performance is anything over 70, so keep that in mind.

Justin Fuente, Head Coach

The former rising star lost a load of shine last year, and while this year was better, the losses to UVA and Kentucky negated some of the After-Duke goodwill he cultivated.

It’s been an interesting four years for Fuente: