Virginia Tech Football’s Monetary Investment Bearing Fruit

Fontel Mines, Virginia Tech
Fontel Mines pulled off another big recruiting win for Virginia Tech. (Jon Fleming)

Virginia Tech picked up a big commitment from four-star wide receiver Matthew Outten on Monday. He was at or near the top of Tech’s board and was recruited hard by wide receivers coach Fontel Mines. It’s a battle that Mines won over Penn State, a school that tried to hire him away from Brent Pry, who seems to have been given a blank check to retain key assistants.

Before we get into Mines, I want to turn back the clock a little bit and go back to the winter of 2018-19 and talk about a situation that took place. Then I’ll tie it back together with Mines and the current staff.

Holmon Wiggins was a very good coach and recruiter for Virginia Tech from 2016-18. He helped sign a number of good players and developed guys like Cam Phillips, Isaiah Ford, Damon Hazelton and Tre Turner. You can even argue that Turner’s development just about stopped after Wiggins left, and Tech’s wide receiver recruiting dropped off big time.

Unfortunately, Wiggins left Blacksburg for Alabama following the 2018 season. He was receiving a $280k salary from Virginia Tech and he immediately got a raise to $450k with the Crimson Tide. Though he was close with Justin Fuente, Wiggins wasn’t from Virginia or the surrounding region, and it was simply too good of a career opportunity to pass up. That’s without mentioning that at the time, the money offer from Alabama wasn’t something Virginia Tech could and/or would match.