Inside The Numbers: Virginia Tech Roster Breakdown

Virginia Tech
Brent Pry has turned over the Virginia Tech roster a lot since he arrived. (Jon Fleming)

We’re about to start the third year of the Brent Pry era at Virginia Tech. I thought it would be fun to take a look at the roster and see exactly how much of it was made up of Pry’s recruits and how many were holdovers from the Justin Fuente era.

Of course, we’re going to go a lot deeper than that. What percentage of the starters were recruited by which coach? How much of the roster is actually made up of transfers from other four-year colleges? Are there any trends that we can pick up on either side of the ball?

We’ll take it position-by-position, then look at each side of the ball, before finally wrapping it up with the numbers for the entire roster.

One important note to remember: junior college transfers don’t enter the transfer portal. They are recruited and signed like regular high school recruits. Thus, guys like Bob Schick, James Jennette and Kemari Copeland are not counted towards Virginia Tech’s transfer totals because they were never in the transfer portal.