Virginia Tech Basketball Q&A: Roster Moves, New Additions And More

How might the new Virginia Tech men’s basketball additions fit around Mylyjael Poteat, the one key contributor that’s returning? (Jon Fleming)

Happy June. It’s been a quiet few weeks on the Virginia Tech basketball front.

Outside of an interview with Mike Young on May 22, the only hoops news was class of 2025 point guard Kate Sears committing to Megan Duffy and the Hokies on Memorial Day.

Speaking of, look out for a sit-down interview with Duffy from me over the next week or so, which will be our first conversation since she came on the TSL Podcast on April 8. It would’ve happened last week — Mark Berman of the Roanoke Times spoke with her Friday and came away with some good information — but I was busy moving into my new apartment in Christiansburg and couldn’t swing it.

With that, let’s get into this edition of the Virginia Tech basketball Q&A. Note that these questions are from May, around the time when I spoke with Young, but I saved them for this very moment. We’ll start with the topic everyone wants to read about.