Virginia Tech 2024 Signee Scout: Running Back And Wide Receiver

Tyler Mason, Virginia Tech
Tyler Mason enrolled early at Virginia Tech. (Jon Fleming)

Maybe the big takeaway from Tech’s haul at the skill spots is that the Hokies might be building up a WR room that, top to bottom/seniors to freshmen, might be one of the best in the country when fall rolls around. You might be thinking ol’ Brandon’s drained a few too many Narwhals down the hatch, but Mines and Co. have recruited and portalled some serious talent the past couple of seasons.

Tyler Mason, RB
6’0, 194
Mount Airy High
Mount Airy, NC

With the RB room being crowded, it makes sense that Hokies only nabbed one back, Tyler Mason. Mason is an all-purpose back who broke piles of records for 1A state champions Mount Airy. He’s a lean, upright runner with good agility and a nice lateral cut, but he’s not an escape artist; not surprisingly, he returned kicks for the Bears, but not punts. While not used as a receiver, he was comfortable taking the pitch on zone triples.

The biggest problem for me is separating scheme from skill. Mount Airy ran a meat grinder of a spread-option attack that defenses didn’t know how to handle. Put another way, Mount Airy ripped off big scores averaging only four passing attempts per game. In the state title game, against the toughest opponent of the year, the Bears were hesitant to throw even when down. I’m not really exaggerating when I say that their two-minute offense was the base runs with an added jet sweep. It’s pretty easy for a good back to look great against a confused defense. And it’s easy to look good when you physically out-class entire opposing defenses, as was often the case with Mason.