Catching Up On Virginia Tech Sports

What happened in Virginia Tech sports in the last month? (Jon Fleming)

Well, I’m back. I’m not going to say that I was tuned in to every single thing going on with Virginia Tech sports while I was gone, but I passively kept up with it, I’ve done my research since I returned and figured the right thing to do on my first full day back is write an article about all of it.

As expected, the Hokies picked up a few commitments while I was gone, though not as many as I was hoping for. Brent Pry added a couple of portal guys while Mike Young took a guard from Duke. Let’s talk about each of those additions.

But first, a quick rundown of my trip:

1: Tottenham remains unbeaten in games that I’ve attended. If I moved to London full time, they’d never lose, and Virginia Tech recruiting would improve. Between two fanbases who pack their stadiums every game, a GoFundMe push for my move should be successful, right?


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