The First Bank & Trust Friday Q&A: The State Of The ACC, High Hopes For VT And More

How much longer does the ACC have as currently constituted? (Jon Fleming)

While you were sleeping, the college model went kaput. No big deal, just a $2.8 billion settlement, a groundbreaking new revenue-sharing model and the end of an amateurism model that’s existed since 1906.

It’s long overdue, and while the settlement does not go as far as to declare college athletes employees — we’ll see what future court cases say about that — it at least turns the page on an increasingly unfair time in college sports where athletes were denied an opportunity to capitalize on their contributions to such a huge revenue-generator.

That new deal might just come up in this week’s Friday’s Q&A:

Post-Amelia Island trip, what is your gut feeling on the future of the ACC (how many more years does it have)? Any scoop/scuttlebutt from other schools such as the small privates (Wake, Duke, BC), VT’s position and any other final thoughts from those meetings? — RUHokie

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