Ask A Back Judge: Fumbles Into The End Zone

What happens when a ball is fumbled through the back of the end zone? Tristan answers that question. (Ivan Morozov)

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To wrap up last week’s two-parter AMA (Part 1 here, Part 2 here, if you missed them), I asked you all to give me your take on a fumble into the end zone. As a reminder, here’s the play that got us started, based on a question submitted by proudhokie2001:

Grant Wells calls his own number on third down and does his best freshman Hendon Hooker impression, breaking through the line and booking it down the far sideline. Alas, he gets caught just a few yards shy of the goal line, and to add insult to score-padding injury, coughs up the ball, which promptly rolls out of the end zone.

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