The First Bank & Trust Company Friday Q&A: Inside TSL 2024 Edition!

Virginia Tech HighTechs
“Subscribe to Tech Sideline, yo?” (Ivan Morozov)

Ah, it’s that time of year again. Chris Coleman is in Europe, and I get to take over the Friday Q&A and answer your questions about everyone’s favorite media business (notice I didn’t say “website”) and yours.

As usual, one of this year’s questions was about how many subscribers we have, and as usual, I won’t answer that question. I don’t want people counting our money and criticizing our decisions through the lens of financials. I know what that’s like because I’ve been doing it to Virginia Tech ADs Jim Weaver and Whit Babcock like that for years, haha.

Looking through the submissions to my message board request for questions, I would characterize this year’s questions as “smaller in scope” than questions from the past. That’s okay, we’ll still talk about some interesting stuff.

Speaking of questions from the past, I was just reading through last year’s Inside TSL Friday Q&A, and last year lots of people asked questions about the future of Tech Sideline. Reading through my answer is almost hilarious. I said that we wanted to (and remember, this is a year ago):

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