Inside The Numbers: Running Backs, Bhayshul Tuten And More

Could Bhayshul Tuten run for over 1,000 yards at Virginia Tech in 2024? (Jon Fleming)

On Monday, we went over the Virginia Tech quarterbacks from 2014 to 2023 and compared them based on a number of advanced statistics. Today, we’ll do the same for the running backs in the same time span.

For the quarterbacks, the majority of the numbers included were from Pro Football Focus, along with ESPN’s QBR. For the running backs, all of the metrics will be from PFF.

Here are the categories chosen:

  • FMT: Missed Tackles Forced after a rush.
  • YCO: Yards After Contact.
  • YCO/A: Yards After Contact per Attempt.
  • BAY%: Breakaway Percentage. Number of yards accumulated on runs of 15-plus yards.
  • ELU: Elusive rating. A PFF Signature stat measuring success and impact of a runner with the ball independent of the blocking.

PFF dates back to 2014. All players with 100-plus carries were included, with the lone exception being Jalen Holston in 2022. He had 90 carries that year, but I included him because he was the closest Tech running back to 100 carries.

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