Brent Pry From The ACC Spring Meetings On The Future Of Walk-Ons, Collin Schlee And More

Brent Pry is a fan of adding another signing period in June. (Jon Fleming)

AMELIA ISLAND, Fla. — Among the ideas swirling in the NCAA’s numerous settlement talks to various ongoing lawsuits is a new proposed athlete compensation model that could see a reduction in the size of football rosters.

A significant piece of football history, the walk-on, could be endangered, with proposals to move from rosters of more than 115 players to as few as 85, right at the current maximum scholarship limit. 

Could college football wipe out future Rudy Ruettigers? Or, more specifically to Virginia Tech’s storied history in the category, testaments to development like John Engelberger, John Burke, William Yarbrough, Will Montgomery, Cody Grimm, Jack Tyler, Sam Rogers and countless specialists? 

“Can’t,” Hokies coach Brent Pry said Tuesday at The Ritz-Carlton, where the ACC is holding its annual spring meetings. “I don’t know how we do it. … It’d be a crying shame for the game.”


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