Inside The Numbers: Quarterbacks, Kyron Drones And More

How much can Virginia Tech quarterback Kyron Drones improve heading into his second season with the Hokies? (Jon Fleming)

As usual when I take my multi-week sabbatical to Europe, I like to leave behind a few articles on Virginia Tech sports to make it seem like I’m actually still working.

If this spring taught me anything, it’s that recruiting/transfer portal articles can become null and void pretty quickly, sometimes even before you get a chance to publish them. Thus, factual-based articles are more appropriate in this situation. I actually wrote this article on the last day of April, and the beauty of it is that absolutely nothing can change it until September.

Kyron Drones just finished his first season as Virginia Tech’s starting quarterback. I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at his performances against past Hokie quarterbacks of the Pro Football Focus Era. I picked out several categories, mixed in a traditional metric (rushing yards) and threw in ESPN’s QBR for good measure as I consider it superior to traditional quarterback efficiency rating.

PFF numbers for Virginia Tech go back to 2014, which was the start of the Michael Brewer era at Virginia Tech.

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